The School of Homeopathy celebrated UK homeopathy awareness week (14-21st June 2013) this year with the release of some new videos from worlds leading homeopaths Misha Norland, Jeremy Sherr and David Mundy. Each practitioner champions homeopathy giving sound reasons why critics should think again. 

The release of these films also coincides with the launch of a new series of movies with Dr Rajan Sankaran (arguable the worlds leading homeopath) also presenting homeopathy to the general public. Rajan was filmed as part of a 4 Homeopathy project, where 11 of the UK largest membership organisations are working together to positively promote homeopathy. The series is being released on the Find a Homeopath website: to help launch the new Homeopathy brand in the UK.

Mani Norland, Principal, School of Homeopathy art directed and helped to produce these new movies. Mani says, “Obviously we are passionate about homeopathy at the School, but it is important that we do our bit to help the general public to understand homeopathy and also to defend some of the incorrect accusations that are made about it  - that is what these mini movies are about. We know that homeopathy works, we have the evidence, and millions choose homeopathy everyday”.

All the films can be viewed on these websites:

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