Anyone interested in having homeopathic treatment can now find a registered homeopath via a new single database – Find a Homeopath.

Homeopaths across the UK have joined together to produce this important new website. As well as providing tips and guidelines on finding a homeopath, this website will also include general information about homeopathic medicine to help people decide if it is right for them. 

The School of Homeopathy was very much involved in this project from the start, from helping to fund it, to arranging the initial meeting between registers and then helping with the design of the website.

The site also includes guidelines on the meaning of different homeopathic qualifications, codes of ethics and registration requirements, and also provides simple information about areas of specialisation.

The Society of Homeopaths, the Faculty of Homeopathy, the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and the Homeopathic Medical Association are all behind this project.

Click here to go to the site:

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