An interview by Lynnie Jenkins first published in “The Homoeopath” (Issue No. 76)

Misha, I’d just like to ask you about a typical day.

Different days are different. A typical weekend day, I’d be involved with the school, most probably teaching, or seeing students, participating in our team meetings, or making sure that things are running smoothly, which might include cooking lunch for folk. A typical weekday depends on the day. Because I work most Saturdays and Sundays, I try to keep Mondays and Tuesdays as if they were the weekend, so they’re free of diary commitments, which means everything else that needs to be done falls into them. Of course there’s a lot of fall-out from the School that gets picked up on a Monday. I try to keep my practice to afternoons, Wednesdays, Thursdays and all day Friday. My idea of keeping at least four mornings a week free was to give me a chance to do some writing,
which was a great idea. The reality, however, is that there’s little time for that. I try to end my day at a reasonable hour so as to be with the family. I love to cook supper for
everybody - this is my primary practical contribution to family life. It’s probably the only time the family gets together, gathered round the evening meal-table, so it’s a special time.

So there isn’t a typical day, then?

Not really.

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