Q: I've got hay fever. What homeopathic remedies could I use?

Hay fever seems to be on the rise and it is now estimated to effect almost 15% of the UK population. Homeopathy can be extremely effective in the treatment of hay fever. A quick search through homeopathic computer software shows there are 114 possible remedies for hay fever. With homeopathic treatment it is important to find the right medicine that is individual to you and your specific hay fever symptoms. Hay fever is a deep-seated condition, which requires constitutional treatment from a qualified Homeopath. However there are a number of ‘over the counter’ homeopathic remedies that may help:

Allium cepa
Bouts of sneezing; burning nasal discharge causing sore nostrils and upper lip; eyes itch and water profusely but do not burn; better in cold room or open air; worse in evening; tickly cough.

Intolerable itching of eyelids; profuse tears due to smarting and burning of eyes; runny nose, may have stuffed-up feeling; asthmatic attacks.

Aralia racemosa
Frequent sneezing; marked wheezing, especially when lying down; feeling as if something in throat; worse for least current of air.

Arsenicum album
Constant sneezing; thin, acrid discharge but nose feels blocked; eyes burning, hot; puffiness around the eyes; useful if there is a tendency to asthma.

Arsenicum iodatum
Irritation and tingling in nose with constant desire to sneeze; nasal discharge burning; burning watering of eyes; may have dry wheezy cough.

Eyes severely affected with profuse burning watering; burning and swelling of eyelids; nasal discharge and sneezing but not burning; headache and aversion to bright light; worse for warmth.

Sore throat, often on left side; sore to swallow; dry throat, watering eyes; sneezing.

Particularly for symptoms confined to back of nose and throat; dry and intensely itchy; dry wheezy cough.

You would need to look into the individual symptoms of each to see which one best suites your aliments. If you are self-prescribing remedies then take them in 6c or 30 c potency, no higher. Initially two to four times daily, if you feel any change, for better or worse, stop taking the remedy. Do not take the remedy continuously over long periods. If in doubt, or for constitutional treatment, consult a registered homeopath: 0845 450 6611 or www.homeopathy-soh.org

Mani Norland
School of Homeopathy

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