by Misha Norland

I would like to pick up a few strands of the story of Mercurius the homoeopathic medicine and attempt to tie this into an appreciation of its principle or essence. I will be making a few connections within that broader canvas upon which our collective experiences are painted. Hermes and the God Mercury, have an honoured place in the ancient Greek and Roman pantheons. In astrology the qualities of the planet Mercury and the signs which it rules, Gemini and Virgo are well known e.g.. duplicity, activity, trading, communication, knowledge, and in Virgo, purity. As a personification and metaphor of the alchemical process Mercurius stood for transformation and change, for the principle of life itself. Interestingly, the preparations we use are Mercurius solubilis (dissolving, soluble) and vivus (living, alive). Mercury is certainly the dissolving metal and it is also fluid and, in this sense, alive. The themes of dissolving of forms and death, and its opposite, new beginnings and life are easy to find, as I hope to illustrate.

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