The Complete Herbal Tutor
McIntyre, Anne

The Complete Herbal Tutor

Printed in England, paperback, 383 pages

Size190 x 243mm
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Herbal medicines have been used for many centuries to treat illnesses and restore health and today herbalism still remains the most widely-practised form of medicine around the world.

Written by a leading medical herbalist, this new revised edition of The Complete Herbal Tutor provides in-depth knowledge of the practice and theory of herbal medicine, including everything you need to know about its history, how it works, how to grow, gather and prepare herbs and how to use them to create a herbal prescription.

The illustrated materia medica contains over 150 herbs, with throrough descriptions of their properties and active ingredients. There is also a clear explanation of how herbs can be used to treat each of the body's systems, with advice on using remedies for healing a range of specific conditions.

This revised edition of Anne McIntyre's popular classic will be invaluable to all herbalists and students of herbal medicine. It is beautifully illustrated with a series of colour photographs, many taken by the author in her own garden.

Complete Herbal Tutor
Introduction   1
Global Herbal Traditions   5
The Chemistry of Herbs   47
The Herbal Consultation   61
The Herbal Pharmacy   77
The Materia Medica   93
Treating Common Ailments   277
Growing, Harvesting and Storing Herbs   357
Glossary of Terms   367
Index   370

Anne McIntyre

About the Author
Anne McIntyre is a Fellow of the National Insitute of Medical Herbalists, a Member of the Ayurvedic Professionals Association and a Member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy. She has been practising herbal medicine and Ayurveda for almost 40 years and gives consultations from her practice in Gloucestershire. She gives evening talks and runs regular courses in herbal medicine any Ayurveda for both practitioners and lay people.