Homeopathy For Mother And Baby
Castro, Miranda

Homeopathy For Mother And Baby

Printed in England, paperback, 319 pages

Size190 x 243mm
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No period in a woman's life is as filled with special concerns as pregnancy and new motherhood. Among the many discomforts and ailments treatable with the homeopathic remedies explained in this book are:

For the mother
Anemia, back pain, breastfeeding problems, constipation, exhaustion, haemorrhoids, insomnia, morning sickness, postpartum depression, sinusitis, varicose veins

For the baby
Breathing difficulties, chicken pox, constipation, cough, nappy rash, diarrhea, ear infections, hiccups, mumps, sleep problems, teething pains, vomiting

In Homeopathy for Mother and Baby, homeopath Miranda Castro introduces readers to the many safe, effective, inexpensive and non-medical remedies that homeopathy has to offer women in this very important period. With reassuring, easy-to-read text, the book explains the principles of homeopathy and tells readers how to select the remedies that correlate to hundreds of common symptoms of physical and emotional distress. The book also offers natural ways to make labor and birth as relaxed as possible, using homeopathic methods.

Complete with case histories, materia medica and supportive and helpful tips throughout, this guidebook offers a wealth of natural-health information every expectant mother should consider.

Homeopathy for Mother and Baby
Acknowledgements   ix
Introduction   xi
How to Use This Book   xiii

1: Understanding and Using Homeopathy
The History of Homeopathy   1
Principles and Concepts   4
Myths and Misapprehensions   10
Taking the Case History   11
Prescribing   16
Complaints You Can Treat Using This Book   22
Cause for Concern   23
Sample Cases   23
2. Preparing for Life After Birth
Pregnancy   37
Your Family and Pregnancy   39
Your Health and Pregnancy   40
Preparing for Birth   45
Planninng for Birth   52
Preparing for the Post-natal Year   67
3. Pregnancy
Your Body and Pregnancy   78
Complaints   79
4. Birth
Your Body and Birth   105
Complaints   107
5. The Post-Natal Period
Your Body in the Post-natal Period   116
Complaints - Mother   117
Complaints - Baby   133
6. The Materia Medicas and Repertories
External Materia Medica   161
External Repertory   168
Internal Materia Medica   169
Internal Repertory   264
First-aid Kits   301
Further Reading   304
Organisations   305
Index   309

I love this book. It helped me cope in the early days of being a parent and I often recommend it to my patients now.
Miranda Parsons RSHom, Cardiff, Wales

This book is the perfect handbook for parents who wish to use this safe and effective approach to childhood and prenatal illnesses. I had much success in treating my own children thanks to this book and recommend it to all the parents who take my homeopathy seminars. It takes this vast subject and makes it easy to understand and simple to use. It's a "must read" for all parents who wish to learn this amazing healing art. In fact, it's such an excellent introduction to homeopathy; you'll want to learn more!
Nan Deardoff ND, Miami, Florida US

Your mother and baby book was my bible through my children's births and their early years. I felt like you were there holding my hand and reassuring me at each and every step of the way.
Marion Meridy, London UK

Miranda Castro

About the author
I am a British-trained professional homeopath who has been in practice since 1983 and writing and teaching about homeopathy since 1988.

I have a special love of homeopathy, having used it my whole life. I came to classical homeopathy when my son was a year old and suffering from whooping cough. Thankfully, after several false (homeopathic) starts, we found a classical homeopath who was able to cure Daniel by not simply focusing on his physical symptoms alone. As a result, Daniel's general health improved and despite the seriousness of his complaint, he didn't suffer any long term effects or vulnerabilities.

I am a prolific writer with a reputation for being able to discuss both complex and sensitive issues in an approachable, interesting and informative style. I have published three books, am a regular contributor to both professional homeopathic journals and popular publications dealing with complementary health matters and homeopathy.

I have been teaching and talking about homeopathy to the lay public and interested health care professionals since 1988, including groups of midwives, nurses, counselors and doctors. I have a background in acupuncture, iridology, healing, supervision and humanistic psychotherapy. I developed a program of supervision specifically to meet the emotional and more practical needs of the professional homeopath. This has been incorporated into the curriculum of several homeopathic teaching establishments in the UK and has formed a cornerstone for my homeopathy teaching.

On the basis of my writing and teaching I am frequently invited to teach at schools and present papers at conferences, both in the UK and the USA. I am a provocative and entertaining speaker with a specialty on ethics, practice management and practitioner development.

In 1994 I moved from the beautiful but cold, wet and windy Pennines (in the North of England) to Santa Fe, New Mexico where I finished writing my book on Stress and Homeopathy...in the sun!

I decided to stay in the US and in 1995 I moved to Seattle, Washington where I taught homeopathy at Bastyr Naturopathic University for 5 years and had a private practice.

From 2000 until 2002 I worked with Kent Homeopathic Associates, creators of MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks ... bringing my sales, marketing and teaching skills to the world's premier homeopathic software company.

From 2002 until 2006 I was active in the Florida Health Freedom movement and, as well as teaching and presenting, I consulted on and wrote for Homeopathy Today (the magazine of the National Center for Homeopathy). At the end of 2007 I moved to Gainesville (Florida) where I am now practicing and teaching.