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Patsy Bracewell

Patsy Bracewell

Patsy was introduced to homeopathy by friends living in France, where homeopathy is commonly used. She was searching for natural treatments for her eldest daughter’s eczema at that time and feels that her children’s health and happiness has been greatly enhanced by the natural, holistic upbringing they have received. They are very healthy, cheerful and creative, a living advertisement for homeopathy.

After doing an evening class she studied with the School of Homeopathy, beginning in 1989, when she was on a career break from midwifery. After qualifying in 1993 she couldn’t wait to get practising, working from home and running a low-cost children’s clinic.

Patsy was very pleased to be asked to be a tutor for the Anatomy & Physiology course in 2002. This work makes use of her theoretical knowledge of the human body, gleaned from working as a health professional for many years, and also the holistic approach to medicine that is needed to support students on the course. She practises homeopathy in the Swansea area and and also works as an officer in a Welsh language programme for parents and babies, teaching baby yoga and baby massage.

In her role as a tutor Patsy enjoys communicating with students from all over the world. She is very impressed with the hard work and commitment shown by the students and the way that they keep up with the new research findings in pathology and disease. Patsy says, “knowledge of the subject has greatly expanded since my days as a student nurse.”

Patsy trained as a nurse and midwife and practised in Northampton, Leicester and Swansea. She qualified as a homeopath in 1993, obtained registration with the Society of Homeopaths in 1996 and then completed the supervisor’s course with Sheila Ryan. She has supervised students from the School of Homeopathy and also the Welsh School. She is a fluent Welsh Speaker, having learned as an adult, and has been teaching the language to adult learners since 1992.

Patsy grew up in Leicestershire, where her family ran a farm. She moved to Swansea in 1983 and now practises from home in the Gower and from a clinic in the Neath area. She enjoys walking her dog on the local beaches, visiting her grown up children, reading and swimming and is a member of her local sea rowing club. She sings in two choirs and introduces Welsh song and rhyme into the parent’s groups that she facilitates. Action songs are an important tool for introducing the Welsh language to babies.

  • State Registered Nurse, Northampton General Hospital
  • State Certified Midwife, Leicester Royal Infirmary
  • Diploma of Homeopathy, School of Homeopathy, Uffculme, Devon
  • Registered Homeopath, Society of Homeopaths, Northampton.
  • Welsh Teaching Course, Swansea University Department of Adult Continuing Education

"Keep following your intuition! The more you use it, the more effective it will become"

Keep following your intuition! The more you use it, the more effective it will become.