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Lizi RaynerLizi Rayner

After graduating from University in 2008 Lizi spent many years integrating herself among different cultures, building on her interest in human behaviour.  This included working on organic farms and within sustainable living communities and meditation centres as well as teaching English as a foreign language through movement, film and storytelling. She enjoys bringing all of these experiences into her current knowledge of what it means to be human and how we can reach our true potential, seeing nutrition at the foundation of this.

Having always been drawn to the more ‘alternative’ side of things in life Lizi came to naturopathic nutrition in 2015 after experiencing ongoing unexplained health issues.  After witnessing first-hand the power of unpacking a person’s health story and handing it back to them, she knew that this was something she wanted to learn more about and she decided to embark on the nutritional therapist course with the School of Health. After graduating she continued to further her studies with the School, most recently graduating with a herbal medicine diploma.

Lizi’s current work focuses on the art of slowing down and creating space to allow for a deeper connection to ourselves. In this space a person can re-learn to listen to what their symptoms are trying to tell them and ultimately find support through nutrition, herbs and other lifestyle changes. She has a specific interest in the relationship between what we feed our minds and how that message is sustained through our nutrition.

Along her own journey Lizi has enjoyed making connections between the threads of her life and how that corresponds to her health. She is most excited when she sees this happening in others – that ‘aha’ moment when the philosophy underpinning naturopathic nutrition shows itself and everything starts to fall into place and makes sense. Lizi loves the sense of empowerment that that moment brings to people.

Lizi is passionate about living as sustainably and in accordance with nature’s rhythm's as possible and, currently, she is living in a co-housing venture in Stroud. Originally from the East coast of England she enjoys nothing more than a visit to the sea, where she will dip her toe in no matter the weather. Music is her second language and along with song writing she enjoys playing the harp and flute. In a world where it is so easy to become disconnected from truth and beauty she seeks as many ways of weaving them into her daily life as possible, whether it be through connecting with a plant, or just simply watching the birds.

  • BSc in Psychology
  • Biographical counselling skills for social professions (PABC)
  • Diploma in Naturopathic nutritional therapy (School of health)
  • Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology (School of health)
  • Diploma in Pathology and disease (School of health)
  • Herbal foundation (School of health)
  • Sacred plant medicine mentorship (Rachel Corby)
  • TEFL certificate

"Healing is a natural movement towards wholeness, a direction not a destination, a line on a map and not the dot. Healing is not an endpoint, it is as much a process as the dis-ease is."— Gabor Mate

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