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Em ColleyEm Colley
Clinical Supervisor & Teacher

Em realised that she wanted to work with people whilst standing next to a vet, his arm shoulder deep inside a horse. It was when she looked at the owner of the horse and realised she was more intrigued by how he was behaving, curious about what he was thinking, than what was going on with the horse. And so, her 10-year ambition of becoming a vet drew to a close.

The next step was the University of Manchester where a Joint Honours Degree course on Psychology and Neuroscience lit a fire in her.  In 2003 Em started studying homeopathy at the North West College of Homeopathy, also in Manchester. Fast forward to the present day, Em combines a love of people with her love of learning. After graduating in 2007 from the NWCH, she went on to undertake further study in homeopathy, including with Jeremy Sherr and most recently with Drs Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi. In 2024 she completed a Diploma in Clinical Supervision.

Em combines working with clients, doing supervision work with students and practitioners and teaching in several UK homeopathy colleges. She has recently written her first homeopathy book – The Joy of Homeopathy.

Working with the School students in her role as Clinical Supervisor constantly inspires Em. Being able to walk alongside students in their path to working with homeopathy in their lives is a real privilege. She enjoys teaching there, as well as the supervision work, and says “I learn so much and also enjoy being able to share some of the knowledge and awareness that I’ve accumulated over my years of studying and working with homeopathy.”  

In her down-time, Em loves paddle boarding, open water swimming, walking, snuggling up with the animals who’ve chosen to live with her and her family, hanging out with her partner and daughter - and lots of reading.

  • BSc Psychology and Neuroscience (Manchester University)
  • First Degree Reiki
  • Diploma in Reflexology (Craven College, Skipton)
  • Licentiate of Homeopathy (North West College of Homeopathy, Manchester)
  • Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy (Dynamis, Stroud)
  • Focussed Mindfulness Practitioner (Absolute Specialists)
  • Diploma Kinesiology (School of Natural Health Sciences)
  • Diploma in Holistic Nutrition (School of Natural Health Sciences)
  • Laughter Yoga Leader (Laughter Yoga International)
  • Happiness Facilitator (Museum of Happiness)
  • Diploma in Clinical Supervision (Sue Pattison Consultancy)
  • Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

“It’s all about love. There is love or not love. Fear, hate, anger, they’re in the not love category. Love is all there really is when it comes down to it.”

"The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you, don't go back to sleep!"