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Elaine WatsonElaine Watson
Tutor, Teacher & Course Author

Elaine loves homeopathy for all the reasons that the sceptics hate it. It is gentle, effective and rapid in its action and itself causes no harm. It is as therapeutic in humans as it is in animals and does not poison the environment or its patients. It allows the practitioner to be scientific and artistic at the same time. It is scientific in its principles, preparation, prescription and application and artistic in its holistic investigation and management of the human condition. No other therapy offers such an all-round embrace. It is honest, loving and caring and immensely intelligent. The knowledge base is infinite.

Elaine’s time is currently divided between practising homeopathy in west Somerset, writing about homeopathy, other health modalities and medical science and working as a college tutor and supervisor of homeopathy students and others in the field of holistic health.  

Elaine really enjoys being a tutor for the School because of the opportunity to meet such a variety of keen, passionate people who are on the same wavelength and who are eager to learn about homeopathy. Elaine says she loves watching students taking evasive action (i.e. jumping into cupboards or going for a run) when they know she knows they haven’t done their medical sciences homework! She really loves when they realise that it isn’t as bad as they had thought it would be and indeed may actually be quite enjoyable! She loves learning from the students too.

Highlights of Elaine’s practice have been helping couples with fertility issues through to a successful outcome and enabling children to reach their full health potential without resorting to Big Pharma. She says it has been a huge privilege to work with the young children who suffered contamination from the Chernobyl nuclear accident and to see the change in them, knowing that no other form of medicine would have been so effective for their recovery. Working alongside patients as they ‘wake up’ is always a joy too.

Elaine has always been passionate about the natural world- even since she was very young and the intention of any study she has done is from the perspective of understanding this. Elaine says observing the power of natural medicines has been awesome.

She is a mother of three, which is an education in itself, an ecowarrior, gardener, wannabe botanical artist and a lover of music and musical performance. She practises Qigong and lives in a beautiful and wonderfully active picturesque west Somerset village with her feline companion Mr Jeremy Pumpkin. In case you need to bribe her, Elaine says she also loves good chocolate, malt whisky and dogs.

Elaine has studied with Jeremy Sherr on the Dynamis course, with Kim Kalina, specialising in autism, and with Mark Draper on nutrition and food-state supplements.

  • BSc (Hons) Zoology, (St Andrews University)
  • MSc Soil microbiology, (Aberdeen University)
  • PGCE (Homeopathy) (Anglia Polytechnic University)
  • LBSH British School of Homeopathy. (Bristol)
  • Historically RSHom, currently with the ARH

"The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you, don’t go back to sleep!" - Rumi

"The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you, don't go back to sleep!"