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Bob Blair

Bob Blair

Graduating from the College of Homeopathy, London, in 2001, Bob's early practice experiences revealed a prevalence of food sensitivities among his patients. This realisation, coupled with his longstanding interest in diet and nutrition, prompted him to pursue training in identifying and treating food sensitivities and environmental allergies. Subsequently, he completed the Dynamis School’s postgraduate diploma before delving into the Sensation Method and later the Synergy approach under various Indian instructors. Bob's years spent abroad instilled in him a profound appreciation for diverse cultures. His extensive travels in India nurtured a keen interest in homeopathy, spurred by its efficacy in addressing various health concerns encountered during his journeys.

His recent research focuses on developing a systematic approach to the plant kingdom from the perspective of Vital Sensation, integrating contemporary evolutionary models to facilitate meaningful comparisons among remedy groups from different kingdoms.

Bob emphasises the significance of accessing data derived from provings, a cornerstone of traditional classical homeopathy and he showcases its relevance in the adept application of contemporary Sensation-oriented homeopathy. As a member of the World Institute of Sensation Homeopathy, Bob actively contributes to the continual evolution of this methodology, collaborating with colleagues worldwide. Alongside teaching engagements across the UK and abroad, he delivers online guest lectures at The Other Song Academy in Mumbai.

In addition to consulting with numerous patients online, Bob has dedicated many years to a busy multidisciplinary complementary health clinic in Cambridge. A substantial portion of his professional life has involved research, writing articles and reference materials and also preparing and presenting lectures, seminars and webinars.

"I derive immense satisfaction from engaging with students, sharing my insights and imparting the knowledge I've acquired from exceptional mentors and practitioners. Facilitating connections, whether within a case or between source substance and remedy picture, is particularly rewarding for me."

His leisure time is spent in meditation and enjoying qigong, 5 Rhythms, ice skating and kayaking. He views these pursuits as integral avenues for reconnecting with himself, loved ones and the natural world.

He takes pleasure in combining his insights from various sources and instructors and relishes the communication of diverse methodologies in case-taking and analysis, adapting his approach to cater to the uniqueness of each patient.

  • Licentiate of the College of Homeopathy (London)
  • Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy (Postgraduate Diploma from the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies)Teacher Training Course completed at The Other Song Academy (Mumbai)
  • Diploma from the British Institute of Allergy & Environmental Therapy
  • Member of the British Institute of Allergy & Environmental Therapy (BInstAET)
  • Member of the British Complementary Medical Association (BCMA)
  • Member of the World Institute of Sensation Homeopathy (WISH)

“The practice of homeopathy teaches us the importance of being genuinely attentive to the language of illness, so that we might perceive the deeper sense of dis-ease from which the patient suffers; only then can we hope to remedy their suffering as wholly as possible, restoring true health at every level. Any attempt to alleviate symptoms without such deep enquiry represents a missed opportunity for real healing.”

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