Using Correspondences in Homeopathy
Fraser, Peter

Using Correspondences in Homeopathy
Using Correspondences in Homeopathy

Printed in UK, paperback, 56 pages.

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From the cover:
Homoeopathy has always recognised that a disease is a physical manifestation of a central, but intangible disturbance of the Vital Force. Only by understanding the relationship between symptoms and the disturbance can we understand the disease. Mystic ideas such as the Cabbala and Swedenborgianism can be used to better understand the correspondence between a dis ease and its symptoms.

Using Maps and Systems in Homeopathy
Peter Fraser is compiling a series of mini books looking at the major systems and maps used in homeopathy to better understand the various systems, to apply them simply and effectively and to understand what they tell us and what are their limitations. These books are primers and do not require previous familiarity with the systems but they are also useful as a workbook for those who know and use the systems.

About the author:
Peter was a bookseller and publisher before discovering homeopathy. He has been practising for ten years in London and Bristol and teaches internationally. His particular interest is in new remedies and in the way that the relationship between substances corresponds to remedy relationships. He has been involved in many provings, both at the School of Homeopathy and with other groups. His books on homeopathy include The AIDS Miasm, the series Using Maps and Systems in Homeopathy, and the ongoing Supplement to Clarke's Dictionary of Materia Medica.