Twelve Jewels
Tumminello, Peter

Twelve Jewels
Twelve Jewels

Printed in Australia, hardback, 469 pages

Size180 x 255mm
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Only 5 copies!This exciting book is the culmination of 10 years work on gems, an in depth appraisal of many provings and cases, with a foreword by Scholten and 36 full page colour plates. An artist was commissioned to paint the inner feeling of each of the gems positive and negative. The text includes extensive mental, physical and spiritual indications on these gems: Amethyst, Black opal, Diamond, Gold topaz, Emerald, Lapis laz., Morion, Pearl, Quartz crystal, Rhodonite, Ruby and Sapphire. This is a unique high quality publication.

About the author:
Peter Tumminello
Peter is a long-standing homeopathic practitioner based in Sydney, Australia. He is a co-founder and the principal of the Sydney College of Homoeopathic Medicine.