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Ran, Ildiko

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Sensations 1 LEFT

Printed in USA, softback, 232 pages

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Sensations - the healing power of homeopathy.
A new book exploring the healing possibilities of the Sensation Method of Classical Homeopathy. Complete with real live cases from Ildiko Ran's clinic this book is an engaging read and an informative source for all who are interested in Homeopathy.

From the author:
During recent years there has been a major shift in the practice of homeopathy. This shift is the result of a new method within classical homeopathy that has been emerging since the 1990s. The new approach, the Sensation Method, was developed by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and his Bombay group of homeopathic doctors. The book you are holding in your hands was born out of a growing interest among people who have been healed by homeopathy using the Sensation Method and practitioners seeking more efficient ways to help their clients.

About the authors:
Ildiko Ran
Ildiko is a classical homeopath, practicing in Palo Alto, CA, where she recently moved from Boston, MA. Since graduating two different schools of homeopathy in 2002 she has been engaged in post graduate studies with Dr Rajan Sankaran, exploring the Sensation Method. Ildiko has been active teaching and spreading the word on homeopathy encouraging people of all walks of life to get acquainted with this healing modality. Ildiko has been an invited speaker at the Cape Cod Homeopathic Study Group, at NPACE, a conference of a nurse association, and at a Holistic Psychology Class at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. She has been involved with the peer-group of practitioners of the Sensation Method in New England and has been active as a supervisor for younger homeopaths.

Ildiko enjoys her practice and the intimate setting she shares with her clients in her consultation room. She sees children, adults, adolescents, and the elderly. Her apparent compassion to help her clients is appreciated by many and her enthusiasm for the cutting-edge method of the Sensation Method has born some fruitful accomplishments.

Ildiko lives with her husband and five children in Palo Alto, CA.

Anna Menyhert
Anna is a writer, editor, university professor, living with her husband and son in Budapest, Hungary. She is currently a freelance writer and studying homeopathy. She received her PhD in literary theory in 2002. Worked as an assistant professor of literature at Miskolc University, and later was the head of the department of Hungarology Studies at Balassi Balint Cultural Institute. For six years she was the president of Jozsef Attila Circle Literary Union of Young Writers. She has been the vice-president of the European Writers' Congress, an international umbrella organization for two years. She has published two books of essays and criticism, and working on the third, as well as her first book of poetry. She started studying homeopathy in 2005. Finished the introductory courses of the Hungarian Homeopathic Medical Association, participates in the work of the Homeopathic Healing Art Society, taking courses in the Sycosis School of Homeopathy, among them the three-year-course of Dr. Farokh Master, and enrolled at the international home study programme of The School of Homeopathy in Devon, England. Ms. Menyhert has been working under the supervision of Ildiko Ran.

"Sensations: The Healing Power of Homeopathy is an excellent introduction to the innovative principles and methodology of Rajan Sankaran's "Sensation Method". The book is well organized, the style is succinct and clear, and the cases are very instructional. I highly recommend it to any student of this method."
Julian Jonas, CCH, Lic. Ac., Homeopath

"Sensations is an inspiration! It allows the readers to dive into the deeper underlying patterns and forces of health issues, and to explore the potential of homeopathy in general as well as the Sensation Method in particular. It is wonderfully written. I highly recommend it."
Katrin Kaufer, Research Director, Presencing Institute Cambridge

"Dr. Rajan Sankaran's revolutionary method of case taking and case analysis is the most exciting advance in homeopathic practice since the time of Samuel Hahnemann. This clear, compelling, and inspired book demonstrates beautifully the brilliance and effectiveness of this work. Well done!"
Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, LCSW. Homeopathic physician and educator and co-author of 7 books on homeopathy including the best-selling Ritalin-Free Kids.

"Sensations, The Healing Power of Homeopathy is an excellent way for people not familiar with homeopathy to gain insight into this fascinating field. The excellent use of case histories to further elucidate the method left me with a much deeper understanding of homeopathy. I highly recommend this book, which I found compelling and insightful."
Gillian Katz Wies, M.D., Psychiatrist