Rhus Tox - CD1-06
Jo Daly & David Mundy

Rhus Tox - CD1-06

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The CDs are grouped around different subject matters. Units 1-7 are from year one of the course and are also useful for beginners. Units 8-14 are from year two, and units 15-18 are from year three, and for the advanced. You can download the whole catalogue as a PDF. Please note the length of each subject.

From Unit: 1
Code: CD1-06 
Subject: Rhus Tox
Lecturer: Jo Daly
Length: 50 minutes
Tracks: 1 - 5
Category: Materia Media

Subject: Arnica
Lecturer: David Mundy
Length: 21 minutes
Tracks: 6 - 8
Category: Materia Media

If you are a homeopathy home study student with the School of Homeopathy, do not buy these CD's as you will recieve them as part of your course material.