Remedy Relationships
Blasig, Thomas & Vint, Peter

Remedy Relationships
Remedy Relationships

Printed in Germany, paperback, 121 Pages

Size147 x 210mm
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Originally a German book but thankfully translated into English. Beautifully laid out and well presented, the book details how remedies relate to one another looking at complimentary remedies, related sequences, antidotes and inimicals.

About the authors
Thomas Blasig (born 1953)
For fifteen years Thomas has been interested in the practical wellbeing of man, particularly in the fields of homeopathy and environmental medicine. He is the author of the book 'Medicament Relations', as well as author of the therapeutic part of 'Cancer Bankruptcy'. He has been published in various magazines and is an adviser on a range of topics including environmental medicine, drinking water, homeopathy, cancer treatment, rheumatism, nutrients and inoculation.

Peter Vint
Peter is part of the Hahnemann Institute for Homeopathic Documentation and is firmly established in the world of homeopathy. He is well known and admired for his translation work with some of the great and classic homeopathic literature. His largest work, which took him six years, was a revised translation of Clarke's Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica. When doing the translation Peter conscientiously verified every single symptom with the original sources. Other translations Peter has done include the Synthesis repertory into German.