Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy
Roberts, Herbert

Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy
Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy

Printed in India, hardback, 325 pages.

Size140 x 215mm
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From the cover:
Here an attempt has been made to correlate the principles that govern the homoeopathic methods of healing with those principles and laws that govern all life: i.e. motion, growth, development. Many of the choicest bits of homoeopathic philosophy are scattered through homoeopathic literature, and it is to gather these into compact form, and so to place the best thought upon homoeopathic philosophy in an accessible place for student and physician alike, that this work has been attempted.

About the author:
Herbert A. Roberts (1868 - 1950)
Graduating from the New York Homoeopathic Medical College Roberts eventually went on to set up his practice in Connecticut, United States. He was a student of Stuart Close. During World War 1 (1914-1918) Dr. Roberts did his duty as a medical officer on troop ships. He was a keen writer and teacher who wrote 117 articles and 27 editorials. He was the president of the International Hahnemannian Association (IHA) in 1923.