Therapist Course (No A&P) EU

Therapist Course (No A&P) EU

For students who want the Nutritional Therapist Course - and are exempt from the Anatomy & Physiology Course.

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For students who wish to enrol onto the Nutritional Therapist Course - who have exemption from the Anatomy & Physiology Course.

Course includes:
Nutrition Therapist Course Units 1-4
3 Day Clinical Training event

Students are required to come to a 3 Day Event (21 hours) of face-to-face study. Courses run annually from Stroud, Gloucestershire. The price of the 3 Day Event is included in your course fee but if it is not taken in the 2 year study period then a top-up fee may be required. Please note there is an additional £50 registration fee payable at the time of booking the event. International students who are completely unable to come to the UK for this event will be permitted to gain the face-to-face clinical learning locally - please contact us for more details.

Please note this product includes the £55 registration fee.

This item is for EU students only.