Notes on the Miasms
Ortega, Proceso

Notes on the Miasms
Notes on the Miasms

Printed in India, hardback, 210 pages.

Size180 x 245mm
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From the prologue:
From time to time, in any area of human knowledge, and especially in homoeopathy, there arises a thinker - a true master - who marks a milestone in the discipline.

This is the case with Proceso Sanchez Ortega.

He could and should have published this book some time ago. But, despite his own humility, aware of the transcendental importance of his contribution, he did not want to issue it before verifying each and every assertion a thousand and one times in his clinic, before each and every one of them had become a part of him, so that what he transmits represents his own conviction and is a part of his daily life.

Nothing in this work is improvised or the product of mere inspiration; it is the result of more than thirty years of zealous and patient observation in the daily practice of orthodox homoeopathy.

About the author:
Process Sanchez Ortega (1919