Modern Guide & Index to Mental Rubrics
Sault, David

Modern Guide & Index to Mental Rubrics

Printed in Holland, paperback, 246 pages.

Size150 x 197mm
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From the cover:
Repertorisation is a very important tool in the process of case analysis and the mental and general symptoms are at the centre of this. The problem for present-day homeopaths is one of learning the Kentian approach to repertorisation and familiarisation with the vast text of Kent's Repertory.

By introducing hundreds of medern terms, cross-referenced to groupings of Kent's rubrics, David Sault has produced a valuable aid to this process.

The book has been thoroughly researched using classic texts such as a 19th Century Websters dictionary and is presently being used to update the cross-referencing in the Complete Repertory.

It will be a great help to students of homeopathy in their struggle to master repertorisation using Kent, as it will provide a much-needed bridge between contemporary everyday English as used by patients and the 19th Century expression of Kent's rubrics.