Keynotes and Redline Symptoms
Lippe, Adolph

Keynotes and Redline Symptoms
Keynotes and Redline Symptoms

Printed in India, hardback, 275 pages.

Size123 x 182mm
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The name and fame of the world-renowned Homeopath, Dr, Adolph von Lippe needs no introduction. This collection of his notes on the common remedies of the materia medica has been printed with the most characteristic symptoms of the remedies appearing in capitals within the text. A very useful companion to other works on the subject and a great way to remember remedy characteristics for professionals and students.

About the author:
Adolf Von Lippe (1812-1888)
Lippe was the eldest son of the late Count Ludwid and Countess Augusta zur Lippe. Having finished in the law profession and graduating from the University of Berlin he developed a taste for medicine and then took it up as his path.

In 1839 he immigrated to the United States and began to study homeopathy, and in 1841 received his diploma from Dr. Constantine Hering. Lippe was a resolute, trusty follower of Hahnemannian homeopathy and throughout his career he followed Hahnemann