Journey through the Synapses
Divya Chhabra

Journey through the Synapses

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Divya Chhabra teaching outline:

Journey through the Synapses
(The Neuroscience of Disease and the Similimum)

Dates: 13th May 2023
Time: 10am - 1pm BST
Location: Online via Zoom
Course fee: £45.00


As the child let’s out its first cry and takes its first breath the neuro-circuits of the automatic brain begin sending electrical impulses, controlling the body functions. Exposed to a bewildering gamut of objects around, the neurons of the 5 senses begin firing.

Neurons firing together repeatedly, wire as Hebb discovered, give us the ability to learn about objects. Implicit learning is a non-stop activity in the child’s brain.

Unfortunatel, there is no gain without pain, and there is a negative result of this activity. An existing circuit controlling digestion for example, can be altered by a random object in the background, occurring at the same time, in the same place repeatedly as described by Pavlov - neurons that fire together wire together.

This Pavlovian, Aderanian substance is the cause that alters the body functions, and eventually the organ structure. This is disease. This Pavlovian substance is the Source of our Similimum. (Watch the videos below)

Rubric to source 1 – Tellurium and Amphisbaena
Rubric to source 2 – The lac Felinum
How does a source become the similimum?

It is represented by a neural circuit of the five senses - and it is these five sense attributes that are the PQRS Hahnemanian individualizing symptoms.

Join Dr Divya Chhabra (online) sharing cutting edge neuroscience that unlocks the reason why sensations, fears, dreams are so important and the best way to interpret them. Understanding neurons makes it clear how remedy families are to be interpreted. Take a quantum leap through the neurons in our brain to the similimum.