Insects: Escaping the earth
Fraser, Peter

Insects: Escaping the earth
Insects: Escaping the earth
Insects: Escaping the earth
Insects: Escaping the earth
Insects: Escaping the earth
Insects: Escaping the earth

Printed in the UK, paperback, 54 pages

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The insects are the largest and most important class of the animal kingdom. They are central to all aspects of life on Earth being major forces in both the creation and destruction of life. In spite of this importance, they have not yet had a signficiant role in homeopathy. In the last decade, a dozen new Insect provings have opened up the remedy pictures and given us an insight into the properties of the group as a whole. The issues of the Insects correspond to those of the modern world and modern disease yet they are still little understood and considerably underused.

Some of the medicines included (in English) are: damselfly, Indian cockroach, American cockroach, praying mantis, head louse, apid, bedbug, Spanish fly, ladybird, Colorado bettle, firefly, honey bee, Oakk gall wasp, ant, human flea, mosquito, housefly, procession moth, butterfly, plague locust, and others...

About the author
Peter Fraser was born in South Africa and grew up there, in Britain and in Canada. His first career was as a bookseller and publisher and one of the many things that he loves about homeopathy is the respect it pays to books both old and new.

He studied homeopathy with Misha Norland, Janet Snowdon and David Mundy and has been part of the Travelling Homeopaths Collective for more than ten years. He has taught and lectured in New Zealand, North America, the Balkans and in Nepal as well as in the UK.

One of his particular interests is in the proving of new remedies and he has been involved in the proving or collation of more than twenty remedies including AIDS, Falcon, Sparrow, Peacock, LSD, Heroin, Condom and Antimatter and most recently the Plague Locust.

His interest in the new remedies led to the writing of The AIDS Miasms: Contemporary Disease and the New Remedies (Winter Press) and to the Supplement to Clarke's Dictionary, an on going project to put New Remedies into the Dictionary format and which is available on the internet as are all the provings in which he has been involved.

He is writing a series of introductory books on using different systems in homeopathic understanding. The Realms and The Mappa Mundi are available now from The School of Health.

The remedies that come from substances which inhabit the Realms of Earth, Sea, Underworld or Sky have particular qualities. The remedies which move between the Realms, particularly between the Earth and Sky, have qualities in common and need to be differentiated in a special way.

Knowing the way in which such transformation is expressed not only helps to understand the transformative remedies but it helps us to define what constitutes the active, dynamic and contradictory centre of the case which is the quickest way to finding the remedies in all types of case. Peter is exploring this idea of transformation and has looked at the Insects, the Spiders, the Snakes and the Birds through its lens. He is also looking at the Trees, the Drugs and the Milks.