Indications of the Miasms
Choudhury, Harimohan

Indications of the Miasms
Indications of the Miasms

Printed in India, paperback, 188 pages.

Size140 x 215mm
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From the cover:
Dr. Choudhury's treatise on miasms is very explicitly written in all the aspects with practical suggestions which would help the readers immensely. He described the relationship of miasms with micro-organisms, the correct indication of the particular miasm thereby identifying one from another. He described mixed miasms, vaccinosis, acute miasms, etc., to understand and distinguish them for the purpose of treatment. He has written on the present day's dreaded diseases like Tuberculosis, Cancer, AIDS, etc. for appropriate understanding from a homoeopathic point of view. He has compiled lists of drugs under each miasm for the benefit of readers.

About the author:
Harimohan Choudhury
Ever since the start of his homeopathic career in 1960 Dr. Choudhury preferred to treat patients with LM preparations. He was firmly rooted in the 6th edition of Hahnemann's Organon that talks about using aqueous solutions of LM's. The now widespread use and popularity of LM's owes much to Dr. Choudhury's work. It is thought by some homeopaths that aggravations are minimized through the giving of LM potencies.