Homeopathy Instalment Course No Tutor Marking

Homeopathy Instalment Course No Tutor Marking

Price£512.00 - £524.00
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Homeopathy Instalment Course with no Tutor Marking

Students studying use this product to pay for the next set of Homeopathy Course Units. This could be used for:

Year 1
Units 1-2
Units 3-4
Units 5-7

Year 2
Units 8-10
Units 11-12
Units 13-14

Year 3
Units 15-16
Units 17-18
Units 19-20

Year 4
Units 21-22
Units 23-24
Units 25-26

We will know which Units are you require next by checking your student enrolment, however if you have not already done so,  you may also like to contact the office to let us know or you can use the 'notes' field in the shopping cart.