Homeopathy: Good Science
Adams, Peter

Homeopathy: Good Science
Homeopathy: Good Science

Printed in the UK, paperback, 225 pages

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Homeopathy : Good Science
How new science validates homeopathy

This is a great in-depth look at the key principles behind homeopathy and what science is available to back them up. Homeopathy has long been misunderstood but Peter's book clearly and simple explains homeopathy. The book is written in a friendly with good easy to understand terms and English.

From the back cover:
Is homeopathy unscientific?
Or is it just that science cannot explain it yet?
Or has science explained it already and we haven't realised?

Homeopathy easy explained
Is homeopathy scientific?
What is scientific medicine?
Campaigns against homeopathy
Reactions to homeopathy
Dilution is not delusion
How like cures like
Systems of life
We are self organised beings
How to treat an organism
Applying complexity science to medicine
The medicine is the message
What disease actually is
What medicines actually do to us
The known, the unknown and the limits of science
Appendix: Case studies

About the Author:
Peter Adams M.A. (Oxon), L.C.H., R.S. Hom.

Peter Adams is the owner of Stroud Natural Health Clinic, which he co-founded in 1985. He is a Registered Homeopath and has been practising since 1984, when he completed his three-year training at the College of Homeopathy in London.

He was originally totally sceptical about homeopathy, and in 1978 at a talk about it he walked out in disgust. But in 1979 he had a smallholding, and a sick cow, and the vet could do nothing. A friend gave him some homeopathic tablets and, just to please her, he gave them to the cow. Next morning the cow was walking in the field grazing and had made a complete recovery. This event in effect changed his life. He gave homeopatic medicines to other animals and to his family and friends. Homeopathy kept working until Peter was convinced of not only its effectiveness but its amazing power. So he did the professional training and has now treated thousands of people over a period of more than twenty years and is the one of the most experienced homeopaths in the Stroud area.

He has written two books before this one. The first is an introduction to homeopathy called Homeopathy: Natural Medicine For The Whole Person, and the second book is The Soul Of Medicine. This is an anthology of literature about health and illness.