Childbirth remedy kit

Childbirth remedy kit
Childbirth remedy kit

18 remedies at 200C potency

Size140 x 100 x 35mm
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Helios childbirth remedy kit

Since homeopathic remedies contain minute doses of specially prepared substances, unwanted side-effects are avoided, making remedies safe to use even in situations where conventional drugs would be dangerous or inadvisable, for example during pregnancy or when treating infants. A Childbirth kit collection of 18 safe, gentle remedies can be used during pregnancy, childbirth and during the postnatal period.
The remedies are in 200c potency.

18 remedies at 200C potency:
Aconite, Arnica, Bellis per., Calendula, Carbo veg., Caulophyllum, Chamomilla, Cimicifuga, Gelsemium, Hypericum, Ipecac., kali carb., Kali phos., Phytolacca, Pulsatilla, Secale, Sepia, Staphisagria.