Birds - seeking the freedom of the sky
Fraser, Peter

Birds - seeking the freedom of the sky
Birds - seeking the freedom of the sky

Printed in the UK, paperback, 211 pages

Size135 x 215mm
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From the cover:
The Bird Remedies have rapidly become a significant part of practice. Thegeneral picture of the Bird Remedy may be relatively clear but the differencesbetween the different species can be subtle and hard to pin down precisely.This book brings together information on forty different remedies, muchof it not readily available elsewhere. It gives a general outline of thefeatures important to birds and how these features are expressed in the BirdRemedies. It then looks at the individual remedies and details the way thatparticular issues are important in one remedy and less so in others. It alsolooks at the emerging relationships between bird families and such thingsas the relationship between predator and prey.

Transformation between the Realms
The remedies that move between the Realms of Sea, Earth, Sky and Underworldhave a particular dynamic relationship to that transformation. Understandingthis dynamic helps to understand the group as a whole and to find the subtledifference between its members. Groups include the Insects, the Birds, theSpiders, the Snakes, the Lacs, the Drugs and the Trees.

"Peter's series of books has been a revelation. The discrimination betweeninsects and birds is so succinct it is hard to believe it is so true. I can thinkof no homoeopathic books available which give so much wisdom for such asmall cost! They have inspired my practice, and benefited my patients."
Geoff Johnson

"Peter brings a fine focus that penetrates the outer veils to reveal the simplerand truer nature of things. This leads to brevity of expression as well asconcentration of the material: an aqua vitae from which we may sip andunderstand. The information given is really useful in practice, helping me torecognize similima. I have been eagerly awaiting this book."
Misha Norland

Acknowledgement 1
Transformation Between the Realms 2
Birds - Seeking the Freedom of the Sky 5
Birds in General 18
The Bird Family Tree 36
Families 37
Repertorizing 38
Galloanserae 39
Anserif ormes 40
Anas platyrhynchos; Mallard 41
Cairina moschata, Anas barbariae (Oscillococcinum);Barbary or Muscovy Duck 44
Anser anser; Greylag Goose 46
Branta canadensis; Canada Goose 49
Cygnus cygnus; Whooper Swan 54
Cygnus bewickii; Bewick's Swan 59
Cygnus olor; Mute Swan 63
Gallif ormes 65
Bonasa umbellus; Ruffed Grouse 65
Pavo cristatus; Peacock 68
Gallus gallus domesticus; Domestic Fowl 73
Meleagris gallopavo; Wild Turkey 79
Neoaves 81
Peleca nif ormes 82
Pelecanus occidentalis; Brown Pelican 82
Cic oniif ormes 87
Threskiornis aethiopicus; Sacred Ibis 87
Ardea herodias; Great Blue Heron 91
Charadriif ormes 96
Larus argentatus; Herring Gull 96
Falconif ormes 99
Falco peregrinus; Peregrine Falcon 99
Falco cherrug; Saker Falcon 109
Buteo jamaicensis; Red-tailed Hawk 112
Haliaeetus leucocephalus; Bald Eagle 117
New World Vultures 125
Vultur gryphus; Andean Condor 125
Cathartes aura; Turkey Vulture 129
Procellarif ormes 134
Diomedea exulans; Wandering Albatross 134
Gavif ormes 137
Gavia immer; Common Loon 137
Sph enicif ormes 143
Spheniscus humboldti; Humboldt Penguin 143
Strigif ormes 146
Bubo virginianus; Great Horned Owl 147
Tyto alba; Barn Owl 149
Apodif ormes 154
Aerodramus fuciphagus, Nidus edulis; Edible-nest Swiftlet 154
Calypte anna; Anna's Hummingbird 156
Columbif ormes 161
Columba palumbus; Wood Pigeon (Dove) 161
Columba livia; Rock Pigeon 165
Psittacif ormes 169
Ara macao; Scarlet Macaw 169
Cuculif ormes 173
Geococcyx californianus; Greater Roadrunner 173
Trogonif ormes 178
Pharomachrus mocinno; Resplendent Quetzal 178
Pass erif ormes 181
Corvids 181
Corvus splendens; House Crow 182
Corvus corax; Raven 186
Songbirds 191
Erithacus rubecula; European Robin 191
Gracula religiosa; Java Hill Mynah 194
Passer domesticus; Sparrow 197
Guano australis; Bird Droppings 202
Tuberculinum aviare; Bird TB 203
Bibliography 204
Bird Remedies 205
Specific Birds and Bird Remedies 206

About the author
Peter Fraser was born in South Africa and grew up there, in Britain and in Canada. His first career was as a bookseller and publisher and one of the many things that he loves about homeopathy is the respect it pays to books both old and new.

He studied homeopathy with Misha Norland, Janet Snowdon and David Mundy and has been part of the Travelling Homeopaths Collective for more than ten years. He has taught and lectured in New Zealand, North America, the Balkans and in Nepal as well as in the UK.

One of his particular interests is in the proving of new remedies and he has been involved in the proving or collation of more than twenty remedies including AIDS, Falcon, Sparrow, Peacock, LSD, Heroin, Condom and Antimatter and most recently the Plague Locust.

His interest in the new remedies led to the writing of The AIDS Miasms: Contemporary Disease and the New Remedies (Winter Press) and to the Supplement to Clarke's Dictionary, an on going project to put New Remedies into the Dictionary format and which is available on the internet as are all the provings in which he has been involved.

He is writing a series of introductory books on using different systems in homeopathic understanding. The Realms and The Mappa Mundi are available now from The School of Health.

The remedies that come from substances which inhabit the Realms of Earth, Sea, Underworld or Sky have particular qualities. The remedies which move between the Realms, particularly between the Earth and Sky, have qualities in common and need to be differentiated in a special way.

Knowing the way in which such transformation is expressed not only helps to understand the transformative remedies but it helps us to define what constitutes the active, dynamic and contradictory centre of the case which is the quickest way to finding the remedies in all types of case. Peter is exploring this idea of transformation and has looked at the Insects, the Spiders, the Snakes and the Birds through its lens. He is also looking at the Trees, the Drugs and the Milks.