Vital Practice
Ryan, Sheila

Vital Practice
Vital Practice

Printed in the UK, paperback, 210 pages.

Size150 x 230mm

Vital Practice
Stories From the Healing Arts
The Homeopathic and Supervisory Way

Supervision is a critical part of becoming a successful homeopath, remarkable there is very little written on supervision in homeopathy. Sheila has given us a unique book drawing on her years of experience as both a supervisor and homeopath bringing the two together in this great text.

Part one of the book looks at homeopathic principles of like cures like, minimum and energetic intervention are examined in therapeutic and supervisory relationships through the media of story telling, activities and conversation.

Detail is given on

  • Making and maintaining healing relationships
  • Receiving the case
  • Synthesising the case
  • Supervising and being supervised by oneself, one to one and in a group
  • Assessing progress

Activities, exercises and models suitable for people working by themselves, in pairs, triads and groups, are designed to help students acquire and consolidate essential practitioner qualities and skills.

Part two of the book provides elemental guides to making and maintaining relationship, contracting, working in threes, self supervising, supervising networks, teams and groups, student clinics and phone and email supervision.

About the author

Sheila Ryan F.S.Hom is Clinical Principal of the School of Homeopathy Devon. She is a faculty member of the School of Homeopathy New York and Supervision Consultant to The Society of Homeopaths, the Irish society as well as other schools and organisations including the Prague Institute for supervision. She is a member of the European Association for Supervision. She studied homeopathy at the School of Homeopathy from 1984 with Misha Norland and since with George Vithoulkas, Jeremy Sherr and Rajan Sankaran. She practises homeopathy and supervision at her home in Dorset where she also runs Sea Change workshops for individuals, groups and facilitators to practice a homeopathic approach to supervision, mentoring and coaching as well as a more supervisory approach to homeopathy.

"Vital Practice is the first text in the worldwide supervision profession that integrates the art and science of homeopathy with those of supervision. In this book Sheila has created a gift for both professions. It will give us a shared text to work from as well as accelerate a homeopathic understanding of supervision practice." Kathy Lukas, Co-Principal New York School of Homeopathy

"At last a book that describes and explores the potential and range of supervision in a homeopathic context." Grazyna Baran, Registrar Society of Homeopaths

"Here's a book which fills a gap in our literature - well two gaps actually. The first is the supervision of practice, the second is the bringing together of homeopathic awareness with current trends in psychotherapeutics and spiritual growth work. The title, Vital Practice gives it away: the book is about helping the practitioner stay in the vital flow, the dynamic of the moment, without prejudice and therefore, hopefully without burnout. The book gives cases and anecdotes and offers exercises to encourage the reader to be awake and creative in their day to day practice." Misha Norland, Founder of The School of Homeopathy