The Concise Human Body Book
Parker, Steve

The Concise Human Body Book

Printed in the UK, paperback, 320 pages

Size148 x 192mm
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Take a jaw-dropping interactive top-to-toe tour of your body with this compact guide. Hundreds of 3D images take you through each of the body’s systems, from the skeleton and muscles to the skin and nails. Discover how every aspect of the body functions, how the heart beats, how we breathe, and how the body defends itself. Find out what can go wrong, with descriptions of the ways in which common disorders affect the body’s system. An unmissable adventure, perfect for students, families and health professionals.

The Concise Human Body Book is a condensed version of The Human Body Book, and reveals the complexity of the human body with remarkable clarity.

Concise Human Body
Integrated Body   8
Skeletal System   38
Muscular System   62
Nervous System   76
Endocrine System   130
Cardiovascular System   144
Respiratory System   160
Skin, Hair and Nails   176
Lymph and Immunity   190
Digestive System   210
Urinary System   240
Reproduction and Life Cycle   250
Glossary and Index   306

Steve Parker

About the Author
Steve Parker is a British writer, editor and consultant specializing in general science and life sciences. An author of both children’s and adult’s books he has written more than 300 titles and contributed to or edited another 150.

He graduated with a BSc Honours First Class and is a Senior Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.

Steve has been shortlisted for numerous prizes, including the BBC Blue Peter Book of the Year, the Times Educational Supplement Information Book of the Year and the Rhône-Poulenc Prize. He won the 2014 BMA Board of Science Award for the Public Understanding of Science and in 2018 became a two-time winner of the School Library Information Book award.

He has written extensively in collaboration with Professors Robert Winston (Human Body) and Alice Roberts (Evolution) and has also written a nature series of 16-page books for early readers. Further titles include Camouflage and Display (Ivy Press) and The Weather Book (Lonely Planet).