Synoptic Key
Boger, Cyrus

Synoptic Key

Printed in India, paperback, 448 pages

Size120 x 178mm

From the cover: Correct prescribing is the art of carefully fitting pathogenetic to clinical symptoms, and as such at present requires a special aptness in grasping the essential points of symptom images, great drudgery, mastering a working knowledge of our large Materia medica or a most skilful use of many books of reference.

It is the aim of this book to simplify and introduce method into this work, so that the truly homeopathic curative remedy may be worked out with greater ease and certainty. For this purpose a combination of analytical and synoptic methods has been thought best.

About the author

Cyrus Maxwell Boger (1861-1935)
Boger's homeopathic authorship spanned three decades - 1897 to 1936 - in which time he wrote many articles and published numerous provings. His works covered such timeless homeopathic concepts as the law of cure, finding the simillimum, how to take the case, the genus epidemicus, remedy reactions, and the language of disease. His insightful contributions to homeopathy have been shown to be long lasting.