Essentials of Human Nutrition
Mann, Jim & Truswell, Stuart

Essentials of Human Nutrition

Printed in the UK, paperback, 640 pages

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  • A new edition of an authoritative yet highly readable nutrition text
  • Written by international experts in the field, providing a high calibre, global orientation to the subject
  • Careful structure (40 chapters over 8 parts) provides robust coverage, both as a roadmap to an extended period of study, or for isolated modules of interest.

New to this edition

  • Coverage of new topics, including: evidence based nutrition, food fortification and dietary patterns.
  • Brand new chapters on implementing dietary recommendations, dietary patterns, food systems and food in hospitals.
  • Chapters on water, electrolytes and acid-base balance; nutrition, genetics and the potential for personalized nutrition; food toxicity and safety; nutritional crises; nutrition and cancer; feeding infants and toddlers; food habits and nutritional recommendations for the general populaton have all been completely rewritten by new authors.
  • Expanded discussion of vitamin D, cardiovascular desease and diabetes.

Essentials of Human Nutrition is the established starting point for those embarking on courses in nutrition and related fields. It has proven to be an invaluable textbook for students requiring a broad, quality survey of the subject.

This fifth edition has been updated amidst the increasingly buoyant recognition of the role of nutrition in health and disease status. Accordingly, the book charts the involvement and impact of nutrition across the lifespan and at community level, based on a sound foundation of nutritional science.

Coverage of topical subjects, such as functional foods, along with the spectre of chronic disease, and nutritional crises in the world, fuels study for assignments and essays.

Figures and tables have been compiled selectively to provide a digest of the practical data and processes, such as nutritional assessment and measurement, with which students need to be familiar.

Online Resource Centre

  • Active web links to provide a gateway to the journal articles cited in the book
  • Editors forum, posting periodic updates on topical and important subjects

    Essentials of Human Nutrition

Preface     v
Acknowledgements     vii
Abbreviations     xiii
Contributors     xvii

Part 1 - Introducing Human Nutrition

1. Introduction, Stewart Truswell and Jim Mann      3

Part 2. Energy and Macronutrients
2. Carbohydrates, John Cummings and Jim Mann     13
3. Lipids, C. Murray Skeaff and Jim Mann     40
4. Protein, Alan A. Jackson and A. Stewart Trusswell     60
5. Energy , Andrew M. Prentice     82
6. Alcohol , A. Stewart Truswell     98

Part 3. Organic and Inorganic Essential Nutrients
7. Water, electrolytes and acid-base balance, Andrew Bahn     113
8. Major minerals: calcium and magnesium, Helen Lambert, Ohood Hakim and Susan A. Lanham-New     131
9. Iron, Patrick MacPhail     149
10. Trace Elements     165
  10.1 Zinc, Samir Samman     165
  10.2 Copper, Samir Samman     170
  10.3 Iodine, Sheila Skeaff and Christine D. Thomson     172
  10.4 Selenium, Christine D. Thomson     179
  10.5 Fluoride, A. Stewart Truswell     186
11. Vitamin A and Carotenoids, David I. Thurnham     191
12. The B Vitamins, A. Stewart Truswell     210
13. Vitamins C and E, A. Stewart Truswell and Jim Mann     229
14. Vitamins D and K, A. Stewart Truswell     239
15. Other Biologically Active Substances in Plant Foods: phytochemicals, Bernhard Watzl and Claus Leitzmann     250
16. Nutrition, Genetics and the Potential for Personalized Nutrition, May Ward and Helene McNulty     261

Part 4 Foods
17. Food Groups     273
  17.1 Breads and Cereals, Jimmy Louie     273
  17.2 Legumes, Bernard Venn     277
  17.3 Nuts and Seeds, Margaret Allman-Farinelli     279
  17.4 Fruit, A Stewart Truswell     281
  17.5 Vegetables, Meika Foster     282
  17.6 Milk and Milk Products, Anna Rangan     285
  17.7 Meat and Poultry, Margaret Allman-Farinelli     287
  17.8 Fish and Seafood, Samir Samman     290
  17.9 Eggs, Kim Bell-Anderson     291
  17.10 Fats and Oils, Laurence Eyres     292
  17.11 Herbs and Spices, Kim Bell-Anderson     296
  17.12 Food Processing, A. Stewart Truswell     298
  17.13 Food Fortification, A. Stewart Truswell     306
18. Functional Foods and Health Claims, Martjin B. Katan     306
19. Food Toxicity and Safety, Peter Williams and Paul Brent     316
Part 3. Nutrition-related disorders
16. Overweight and Obesity , Abdullah Omari and Ian Caterson
17. The challenge of the chronic diseases epidemic for science and society , Phillip. T. James and Neville Rigby
18. Protein-energy Malnutrition , Stewart Truswell
19. Nutritional Crises , Alain Mourey and Jenny McMahon
20. Cardiovascular diseases , Jim Mann and Alexandra Chisholm
21. Nutrition and Cancer , Martin Wiseman
22. Diabetes Mellitus and the Metabolic Syndrome , Jim Mann
23. Eating Disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and EDNOS , Hannah Turner and Robert Peveler

Part 5 Nutrition-Related Disorders
20. Overweight and Obesity, Stephen Rossner     337
21. Protein-Energy Malnutrition, A. Stewart Truswell     357
22. Nutritional Crises, Claudine Prudhon and Jacqueline Frize     366
23. Cardiovascular Diseases, Jim Mann and Rachael McLean     381
24. Nutrition and Cancer, Kathryn E. Bradbury and Timothy J. Key     408
25. Diabetes Millitus and the Metabolic Syndrome, Jim Mann     424
26. The Eating Disorders: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa ad OFSED, Hannah Turner and Robert Peveler     441

Part 6 Nutritional Assessment
27. Food Analysis, Food Composition Tables and Databases, Philippa Lyons-Wall     453
28. Dietary Assessment, Jim Mann     465
29. Assessment of Nutritional Status and Biomarkers, A. Stewart Truswell     480

Part 7 Life stages
30. Pre-pregnancy, Pregnancy and Lactation, Annie S. Anderson     497
31. Infant Feeding and Eating Well for Young Children, Helen Crawley     511
32. Childhood and Adolescence Nutrition, Anne-Louise Heath and Rachael Taylor     529
33. Nutrition and Ageing, Lisette de Groot, Wija van Staveren and Caroline Horwath     546

Part 8 changing Food Habits
34. Food Habits, A. Stewart Truswell and Helen Leach     565
35. Nutritional Recommendations for the General Population, A. Stewart Truswell     572
36. Public Health Approaches to Implement Dietary Recommendations, Susan A. Jebb     587
37. Dietary Patterns, C. Murray Skeaff     596
38. Food Systems: Challenges and Ways Forward, Wilma Waterlander and Boyd Swinburn     604
39. Nutrition, the Environment and Sustainable Diets, Pamela Mason and Tim Lang     616

Part 9 Applications
40. Sports Nutrition, Louise M. Burke     635
41. Nutritional Consequences of Poverty and Food Insecurity in Developed Countries, Winsome R. Parnell     653
42. Food in Hospitals, Suzie Ferrie     662
43. Nutritional Support for Hospital Patients, Ross C. Smith     670

Index     679

Reviews for Previous Editions
'Overall, this is a comprehensive but eminently readable book, which will provide an ideal companion for students of nutritional science and its affiliated healthcare disciplines.'
Dr. Daniel McCartney, Dublin Institute of Technology

'This is an admirable book for clinical and other scientists entering the field of will be a valued addition too on the shelves of more experienced nutritionists.'
Dr. Alison Paul, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

About the Editors
Jim Mann is Professor of Human Nutrition and Medicine, University of Otago, New Zealand.
A. Stewart Truswell is Emeritus Professor of Human Nutrition, University of Sydney, Australia