Essentials of Human Nutrition
Mann, Jim & Truswell, Stuart

Essentials of Human Nutrition

Printed in the UK, paperback, 640 pages

Size190 x 245mm


  • A new edition of an authoritative yet highly readable nutrition text
  • Written by international experts in the field, providing a high calibre, global orientation to the subject
  • Careful structure (40 chapters over 8 parts) provides robust coverage, both as a roadmap to an extended period of study, or for isolated modules of interest.

New to this edition

  • An expanded network of eminent writers, providing first class content
  • Increased focus on public health aspects, including nutritional recommendations; implications for chronic disease; and nutritional crises.- More figures and boxes enhance the text and reinforce key points
  • Fresh colour design allows ease of reading and navigation

Essentials of Human Nutrition is the established starting point for those embarking on courses in nutrition and related fields. It has proven to be an invaluable textbook for students requiring a broad, quality survey of the subject.

This third edition has been updated amidst the increasingly buoyant recognition of the role of nutrition in health and disease status. Accordingly, the book charts the involvement and impact of nutrition across the lifespan and at community level, based on a sound foundation of nutritional science.

Coverage of topical subjects, such as functional foods, along with the spectre of chronic disease, and nutritional crises in the world, fuels study for assignments and essays.

Figures and tables have been compiled selectively to provide a digest of the practical data and processes, such as nutritional assessment and measurement, with which students need to be familiar.

Online Resource Centre

  • Active web links to provide a gateway to the journal articles cited in the book
  • Editors forum, posting periodic updates on topical and important subjects


1. Introduction , Stewart Truswell and Jim Mann Part 1. Energy and Macronutrients
2. Carbohydrates , Jim Mann and John Cummings
3. Lipids , Jim Mann and Murray Skeaff
4. Protein , Alan Jackson
5. Energy , Andrew Prentice
6. Alcohol , Stewart Truswell

Part 2. Organic and inorganic essential nutrients7. Water, electrolytes and acid-base balance , James Robinson
8. Major minerals: calcium and magnesium , Ailsa Goulding
8.1 - CalciumAilsa Goulding
8.2 - MagnesiumAndrea Grant
9. Iron , Patrick MacPhail
10. Trace Elements
10.1 Zinc , Samir Samman
10.2 Copper , Samir Samman
10.3 Iodine , Christine Thomson
10.4 Selenium , Christine Thomson
10.5 Fluoride , Stewart Truswell
11. Vitamin A and Carotenoids , David Thurnham
12. The B Vitamins , Stewart Truswell
13. Vitamins C and E , Murray Skeaff
14. Vitamins D and K , Stewart Truswell
15. Other biologically active substances in plant foods: phytochemicals , Claus Leitzmann and Bernhard Watzl

Part 3. Nutrition-related disorders
16. Overweight and Obesity , Abdullah Omari and Ian Caterson
17. The challenge of the chronic diseases epidemic for science and society , Phillip. T. James and Neville Rigby
18. Protein-energy Malnutrition , Stewart Truswell
19. Nutritional Crises , Alain Mourey and Jenny McMahon
20. Cardiovascular diseases , Jim Mann and Alexandra Chisholm
21. Nutrition and Cancer , Martin Wiseman
22. Diabetes Mellitus and the Metabolic Syndrome , Jim Mann
23. Eating Disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and EDNOS , Hannah Turner and Robert Peveler

Part 4. Foods
24. Food groups
24.1 Bread and Cereals , Trish Griffiths
24.2 Legumes , Sue Munro
24.3 Nuts and Seeds , Margaret Allman-Farinelli
24.4 Fruit , Stewart Truswell
24.5 Vegetables , Soumela Amanatidis
24.6 Milk and milk products , Anita Lawrence
24.7 Meat and Poultry , Margaret Allman-Farinelli
24.8 Fish and seafood , Samir Samman
24.9 Eggs , Kim Bell Anderson
24.10.1 Fats and Oils , Ron Bowrey
24.10.2 Fat replacers , Stewart Truswell
24.11 Herbs and Spices , Kim Bell Anderson
24.12 Food processing , Stewart Truswell
25. Food Toxicity and Safety , Peter Williams
26. Functional Foods , Martijn Katan

Part 5. Nutritional assessment
27. Food analysis, food composition tables and databases , Philippa Lyons-Wall
28. Dietary Assessment , Sheila Bingham
29. Assessment of Nutritional Status and Biomarkers , Stewart Truswell

Part 6. Life stages
30. Pre-pregnancy, Pregnancy and Lactation , Annie Anderson
31. Infant Feeding , Donna Secker and Stanley Zlotkin
32. Childhood and Adolescence Nutrition , Colin Binns
33. Sports Nutrition , Louise Burke
34. Nutrition and Ageing , Caroline Howarth and Wija van Staveren

Part 7. Clinical and public health
35. Food Habits , Helen Leach
36. Nutritional Recommendations for the General Population , Katrine Baghurst
37. Dietary Counselling to change behaviour , Paula Hunt

Part 8. Case studies
38. Nutritional consequences of poverty and food insecurity in developed countries , Winsome Parnell
39. Nutrition and HIV and AIDS , H.H Vorster
40. Nutritional Support for the Hospitalized Patient , Ross Smith