Book List 2

Book List 2
Book List 2

10 essential books required for the study on the homeopathy home study intro into practice course and mid-level students - supplied by our partner The Homeopathic Book Company.

The Homeopathic Book Company

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Book list two is ideal for second year students ready to take their understanding to the next level. These books build on the subjects covered in list one adding many ideas, models and methods. They also explore materia medica to a much greater depth.

The Book List Two book list consists of the following titles:

Chitkara Comprehensive Hom Materia Medica of Mind 
Blasig & Vint Remedy Relationships (English Translation)
Fraser Using Mappa Mundi in Homeopathy
Gibson Studies of Homoeopathic Remedies 
Mathur Principles of Prescribing 
Norland The Four Elements in Homeopathy
Sankaran Homeopathy for Today's World
Sankaran The Soul of Remedies    
Sankaran The Substance of Homeopathy
Vermeulen Synoptic Reference 1
Schroyens Synthesis 9.1 Repertory

We recommend at this point in your study that you consider the purchase of a computer repertory. This will aid you a great deal with both your case and remedy analysis. If you do opt for this you could consider holding off on the purchase of Schroyens Synthesis 9.1 Repertory as you will get an advanced repertory in the computer programme. You could also consider a repertory for a smart tablet, these are a lot less money, functionality is reduced, but for some they may be a good option. Most the software providers offer good student discounts. Please get in touch with them direct to discuss and compare options.


Books are supplied to you by our partner:

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