Sugar free for life

People often ask if it really is beneficial to cut refined sugar out of their diets. One reply is to ask them to compile a list of the health benefits of refined sugar (beet, cane and glucose). That list is always exceptionally short, the only answer generally being that it can be used as an emergency fuel source.

Our only requirement is to have glucose (a type of sugar), in the blood stream. The body can manufacture this from other foods in the diet, such as fruit and vegetables, so. it is not necessary to ingest any refined sugar at all. In our primitive past we needed foods such as fruit to get necessary nutrients and fibre. Almost everything sweet was safe to eat, so by choosing foods like fruit, there was little chance of being poisoned; however our consumption was very low. Even 200 years ago, we ate only about 4 pounds of sugar a year, now we get through this amount and more in under 2 weeks! It takes thousands of years for our bodies to adapt to new ways of eating; the result is that many, if not most people have bodies that are unable to handle such a large amount of sugar. Many studies suggest that processed sugar is addictive. In rat studies intense sweetness (that can also be derived from sweeteners) has been shown to surpass cocaine rewards.


16 grams of sugar is equal to 4 teaspoons of granulated sugar.