Individual treatment

Each patient and their disease should be treated as a unique proposition with individual symptoms.

For instance, if ten people contract flu, each will develop their own unique expression, as well as symptoms that are common to the illness. It is this individualisation that the holistic healthcare professional seeks to identify, and on the basis of the entire and unique ‘picture’ of the disease state, a suitable natural medicine can be selected.

In order to do this effectively, a full and detailed case history is taken from each patient. This includes not only discussion of physical symptoms, but also mental, emotional, social and environmental factors which are recognised as potential contributors to the disease state. Family history must also be considered as there may be hereditary traits that are not yet obvious, but which may be causative factors, and vary from patient to patient.

A holistic therapist thus considers the patient from all angles, looking for clues in their history that may link to the onset of symptoms and then taking a multi-faceted approach to treatment. This may include addressing underlying nutritional deficiencies, stress reduction techniques, counselling or emotional support, changes to the physical environment (e.g. air purifiers etc). In this way a truly unique prescription is created which is perfectly tailored for that patient and that patient alone.

Tailored treatment solutions that are as unique as you.