Eat the rainbow

Nature provides a full spectrum of colours within the fruit and vegetables we can grow. This rainbow of colours gives us the opportunity of eating foods rich in nutrients that are linked to the various colours, each having their own health benefits:


  • Green Foods – anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, cell protection, skin health, hormone balance, heart health, liver health, rich in minerals.
  • Red & Pink Foods – anti-inflammatory, DNA health, immune health, prostate health, vascular health.
  • White Foods – anti-microbial, gastrointestinal health, heart health, hormone balance, liver health. Generally sources of complex carbohydrate.
  • Yellow & Orange Foods – anti-inflammatory, immune health, reproductive health, skin health, eye health, heart health, vascular health. Source of beta carotene (carotenoids).
  •  Blue & Purple Foods – anti-inflammatory, cognitive health, heart health, vascular health. Source of proanthocyanidins.


Eating brightly coloured food keeps you fit and healthy.