First Aid for Home
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Homeopathy First Aid Course for Home

The Homeopathy First Aid Course (and remedy voucher)
comprises of:

  • Study of homeopathic philosophy and methods
  • Study of acute and first aid treatments with 21 sample cases
  • Family use of homeopathic medicines
  • Self-assessment questions and cases
  • Tutor assessment and certificate
  • DVD of lectures on homeopathy and remedies
  • Two booklets of homeopathic philosophy and medicines
  • Voucher for additional homeopathic study
  • Helios homeopathic pharmacy voucher for remedies
  • 30g tube of Hypercal cream



First Aid Course Binder

The course

Here is a quick overview of each of the main sections, the full content is detailed below.

Part 1 Introduction
This gives you a brief overview of homeopathy, its history and its development.

Part 2 Homeopathic principles
This explains the basic principles of classical homeopathy, so that you can understand the philosophy underpinning its application and what healing outcomes to expect.

Part 3 First steps to using homeopathy
We introduce a commonly used remedy for you to start using straight away, prior to undertaking your main study.

Part 4 Case receiving and prescribing guidelines
This gives you guidelines on receiving the case, assessing symptoms and finding the most appropriate remedy (prescribing).

Part 5 Case examples
To help you learn more about homeopathy and casework, we have included 21 sample cases. The first 5 are fully worked through; the remaining 16 are self-assessment questions, so you can have a go yourself and check your understanding with our answers at the course 'Answers' section.

This section holds all the answers to the self-assessment questions and cases and should not be looked at until you have attempted the questions yourself first.

Once you have worked through the course, having completed all the self-assessment questions, watched the DVD and read the books, you will be ready to tackle the assignments. These are optional.


First Aid Course DVD

Course DVD

The DVD provides a wonderful route for learning. There are Q&A sessions with Misha Norland on homeopathic philosophy and little nuggets of information on each of the main remedies in the remedy kit. The DVD chapters are similar to the course sections, so you can watch the relevant chapter on the DVD as you work your way through the course. The descriptions of medicines will amplify your understanding, giving you an idea of their extended use in chronic prescribing.



Get Well Soon by Misha NorlandHomeopathy by Mo MorrishThe Complete Homeopathy Handbook

Course books

Get Well Soon, by Misha Norland and students of the School of Homeopathy
This little gem of a book is perfect for getting started in homeopathy and as a quick reference guide to acute and first aid homeopathy. It is fantastic for helping you deal with accidents and common ailments at home quickly, safely and effectively. It will become your main reference for prescribing and should be kept with the remedy kit.

Homeopathy, A Rational Choice in Medicine, by Mo Morrish
This book will help you learn more about homeopathy and how it stacks up against modern mainstream western medicine. It helps to dispel some of the myths surrounding homeopathy, enabling you to make more informed decisions about healthcare.

The Complete Homeopathy Handbook, by Miranda Castro
A superb guide for using homeopathic remedies at home. It includes A-to-Z listings for external and internal remedies, with explanations for correctly diagnosing the symptoms of any particular injury or illness. The book also includes case studies to bring the theory to life, and specific do’s and don’ts to follow when treating more than seventy conditions.

Tutor marking

The fee for assessment and certification is included in the price of the course. Successful completion leads to the The School of Health and the School of Homeopathy's ‘Homeopathy First Aid’ certificate.


Helios Homeopathic Hypercal Cream

Homeopathic Cream

Hypercal 30g cream

Homeopathic Remedy Voucher

The Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy Voucher worth £10 is included in the course kit, you can purchase all the remedies that accompany this course from Helios. The remedies are listed below, by the end of the course you will be familiar with all of them !

Aconitum napellus
Antimonium tartaricum
Apis mellifica
Argentum nitricum
Arnica montana
Arsenicum album
Bryonia album
Calcarea Carbonica
Carbo vegetabilis
Chinchona officinalis
Ferrum phosphoricum
Hepar sulphuricum
Ignatia amara
Lycopodium Clavatum
Mercurius Viv 
Natrum Muriaticum
Nux vomica
Rhus toxicendron

Additional Vouchers

Great savings! The pack comes with a School of Homeopathy voucher worth £75.00 and can be redeemed against further study and a Helios voucher worth £15.00 that can be redeemed against remedy orders so you can keep your kit topped up.


Full course content

Welcome & Guidelines

Part 1
1.1      The history of homeopathy
1.2      Hahnemann and the first principles
1.3      Glossary of commonly used terms in homeopathy

Part 2
2.1       A homeopathic view of health
2.2       Levels of being within totality
2.3       Acute and chronic disease
2.4       Self-healing and the vital force
2.5       Exciting causes
2.6       Law of similars
2.7       Susceptibility
2.8       Suppression
2.9       Pharmacy
2.10     Minimum dose
2.11     Single dose
2.12     Provings
2.13     Other ways of finding information
2.14     Direction of cure
2.15     A final note

Part 3
3.1       First steps – using Arnica homeopathically

Part 4
4.1       Acute case analysis
4.2       Symptom categorisations
4.3       Receiving the chronic case - an overview
4.4       Receiving the acute case
4.5       Acute case examples
4.6       Taking the remedy
4.7       Dosage and repetition
4.8       What changes can be expected after taking the remedy?
4.9       What about aggravations?
4.10     The appearance of ‘new’ symptoms during treatment
4.11     When is the remedy changed?
4.12     Is homeopathy safe? Are there side-effects?
4.13     Cautionary guidelines

Part 5
5.1       Case examples
Case 1      Stuart       
Case 2      Harry       
Case 3      Bobby       
Case 4      Maureen       
Case 5      Emma   
5.1       Self-assessed cases
Case 6      Gina       
Case 7      James       
Case 8      Kirsty       
Case 9      Marian       
Case 10    Hannah       
Case 11    Jerry       
Case 12    Polly       
Case 13    Marina       
Case 14    Keri       
Case 15    Gloria       
Case 16    Jean       
Case 17    Eva       
Case 18    Bert       
Case 19    Ian       
Case 20    Grandad       
Case 21    Helen       

Three remedies in-depth

Self-assessment questions A-M
Self-assessment cases 6-21


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