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Scientists To Study Psychological Benefits Of Birdsong

23 December 2011 at 12:39

From The Guardian article: The impact of birdsong on our creativity and on our sense of wellbeing is to be explored in a three-year research project at the University of Surrey, supported by the National Trust and Surrey Wildlife Trust.

The study will examine the psychological impact of being exposed to birdsong, including whether it helps us relax, can assist our ability to complete tasks and even think creatively.

Read the full article here:

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Male Cancer Patients Turn To Alternative Treatments

23 December 2011 at 12:33

Research from the University of Adelaide has found that more than 50% of men diagnosed with cancer in Australia are turning to complementary and alternative medicine to help find a cure, or to ... [ read more ]

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Drugstore Rite Aid Sells More Homeopathic Medicine

22 December 2011 at 10:26

The American Drugstore chain Rite Ait has converted more than 100 stores to a new wellness format which feature more organic food, natural personal care products and homeopathic medicines. Rite ... [ read more ]

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More Doctors Going the Alternative Route

22 December 2011 at 10:02

A report from The Chicago Tribune states that more American doctors are turning to alternative medicine to keep themselves healthy. According to research published earlier this year, 76 percent of ... [ read more ]

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Fox News Recommends Homeopathy

20 December 2011 at 17:39

Fox News has recommended homeopathy in an article discussing how to beat the common cold in the winter time. ... [ read more ]

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Effectiveness, Safety and Value of Homeopathy

20 December 2011 at 17:31

The Homeopathic Research Institute has translated a 300 page report from the Swiss Health Technology Assessment on homeopathy from 2006 into English. The original abstract of the report can be ... [ read more ]

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Little pill, big trouble; homeopathy cures brain tumours

20 December 2011 at 17:16

An interesting piece from the Daily Telegraph where a woman has attributed homeopathy for curing her brain tumours over 15 years ago. She was so convinced of the therapy, she has since become a ... [ read more ]

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Gathering the Evidence: How Effective is Homeopathy?

12 December 2011 at 09:39

It is common knowledge that homeopathy as a therapy is currently undergoing a difficult period, and there is a need to provide good and unbiased evidence to demonstrate exactly how effective it is. ... [ read more ]

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Homeopathy: The Verdict

02 December 2011 at 17:03

Chemist and Druggist magazine has been running an online reader survey on the ethics of prescribing homeopathic treatments. Readers were asked to put themselves in the shoes of a high street ... [ read more ]

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Homeopathy helped me to live a normal life

02 December 2011 at 16:50

The Faculty of Homeopathy has launched a new Youtube channel, which currently includes a number of short video interviews of medical professionals that have used homeopathy successfully. In the ... [ read more ]

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The Magician Who Could Not Make Homeopathy Disappear

02 December 2011 at 16:34

An interesting article from on the current campaign against homeopathy in the UK & USA, including details on James Randi the American Magician and professional skeptic. The ... [ read more ]

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Antibiotics can't cure colds - but a placebo may

02 December 2011 at 16:24

An interesting article from the online Guardian looking into the use of placebo medicines in place of antibiotics to reduce disease. Read the full article here: ... [ read more ]

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The Telegraph on Homeopathy

29 November 2011 at 12:14

A mixed review about homeopathy from The Telegraph, but at least it talks more honestly about the issues. Read the full article here: Little pill, big trouble To some, it’s a ... [ read more ]

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Swiss say homeopathy is effective

22 November 2011 at 12:44

Homeopathy is effective according to Swiss federal report. The English translation of the Swiss Health Technology Assessment (HTA) report on homeopathy will be published in the UK on 30th November ... [ read more ]

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Why the medical monopoly attacks homeopathy

22 November 2011 at 12:17

The article below is from:, by: Paul Fassa, November 16, 2011 It's ironic that in a state sponsored medical system such as England's, there has been a big push by the medical ... [ read more ]

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European Antibiotic Awareness Day

18 November 2011 at 12:29

Friday 18th November is the 4th European Antibiotic Awareness Day. Here is homeopaths contribution to the day and to spreading the word about homeopathy as an alternative. ... [ read more ]

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Smoke & Mirrors and the 'disappearance' of polio

18 November 2011 at 11:10

“The tendency of a mass vaccination program is to herd people. People are not cattle or sheep. They should not be herded. A mass vaccination program carries a built-in temptation to ... [ read more ]

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No antibiotics for farm animals

16 November 2011 at 18:54

EU to phase out antibiotics for farm animal diseases prevention and backs homeopathic remedy livestock research. The European Parliament has backed the phasing out of antibiotics on farm animals ... [ read more ]

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Does Water Have Memory? (Video)

10 November 2011 at 18:04

This video posted online by on 21st October shows some research explaining how water memory works. The video is just short of 3 minutes long and has a demonstration from the ... [ read more ]

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Homeopathy for pets

10 November 2011 at 18:00

The Health Website published the article below on the health benefits of using homeopathic remedies on pets instead of apparently “toxic” conventional medicine. ... [ read more ]

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Cancer care and complementary therapies

10 November 2011 at 17:52

A positive letter in the Bristol Evening Post about the Penny Brohn Cancer Care charity based near Bristol, which offers specialist support including complementary therapies, advice & ... [ read more ]

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Rehabilitating Cancer Patients: An Untold Story

10 November 2011 at 17:47

The Huffington Post has an interesting article on the usage of complementary medicine alongside conventional cancer treatment as a potential rehabilitation tool.  A 2011 survey by the ... [ read more ]

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Jeremy Sherr talks about Disease

10 November 2011 at 15:17

A nice little You Tube video of homeopath Jeremy Sherr in Africa making a remedy from the baubab fruit and talking about disease: ... [ read more ]

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Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier Supports Science of Homeop

08 November 2011 at 08:42

Dr. Luc Montagnier, the French virologist who won the Nobel Prize in 2008 for discovering the AIDS virus, has surprised the scientific community with his strong support for homeopathic medicine. ... [ read more ]

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Peter Hain MP talks about homeopathy

02 November 2011 at 12:35

The MP for Neath, Peter Hain, is one of the most recognisable and best known figures in the Labour Party. He has held ministerial posts in both Gordon Brown's and Tony Blair's governments including ... [ read more ]

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GP Letter: Homeopathy has a place

10 October 2011 at 11:09

GP Letter: Homeopathy has a place This is great to see, but a shame it does not happen more often, such is the fear around speaking out in the medical profession. Below a GP who uses homeopathy ... [ read more ]

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Water imprinting and homeopathy

07 October 2011 at 12:08

Water imprinting and homeopathy I came across this review on the web about a new book that has come out 'HeartFusion: The Magic of Imprinting Water', it looks specifically at homeopathic ... [ read more ]

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The Triumph of New-Age Medicine

29 September 2011 at 15:00

This article from The Atlantic Magazine makes some interesting points. It starts like this: "Medicine has long decried acupuncture, homeopathy, and the like as dangerous nonsense that preys on ... [ read more ]

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UK Doctor defends homeopathy

29 September 2011 at 14:26

Whilst the "aims of the BMJ are to publish rigorous accessible information that will help doctors improve their practice" one hopes an additional reason would be to help relieve patients' symptoms? ... [ read more ]

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Sweden rules in favour of homeopathy

27 September 2011 at 19:26

Some good news to start the week, albeit not for the UK; Sweden’s Supreme Administrative Court has ruled allowing doctors to recommend homeopathic treatments to their patients. Inevitably, ... [ read more ]

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A positive mention for homeopathy in bone cancer treatment

27 September 2011 at 16:19

A positive mention below for homeopathy in alternative treatments to bone cancer. Yahoo Associated Content has this article telling patients to go to a conventional doctor first and then to look ... [ read more ]

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Homeopathic remedy hits the fashion runway

19 September 2011 at 12:14

I saw this article about the use of Arnica during NY Fashion Week in the papers last week and thought it was a nice one to share. Homeopathic remedy hits the fashion runway The ... [ read more ]

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2M Euros for research to look at farm animal homeopathy

05 September 2011 at 14:52

Wonderful news - European politicians yesterday voted to spend £1.8million on research into homeopathy for farm animals. The European Parliament’s agriculture committee agreed to spend ... [ read more ]

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School of Homeopathy goes to the movies

17 August 2011 at 17:27

School of Homeopathy goes to the movies! The School of Homeopathy has posted new videos on their YouTube channel. The channel now has 23 videos of Misha Norland talking about homeopathic ... [ read more ]

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Get Well Soon - A Guide to Homeopathic First Aid, now on Kindle

15 August 2011 at 12:19

The School of Health are happy to report that the School of Homeopathy's highly popular book, Get Well Soon - a guide to homoepathic first aid is now available on the Kindel. As a digital book it ... [ read more ]

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Bare your chest for homeopathy!

20 April 2011 at 16:28

The School of Health has designed an exclusive range of T-Shirts with 21 unique designs available in 8 colours and two styles (women’s and men’s) to celebrate Homeopathy Awareness ... [ read more ]

Newsmaker interview: Luc Montagnier

01 March 2011 at 14:16

French Nobelist Escapes ‘Intellectual Terror’ to Pursue Radical Ideas in China PARIS  – Virologist and Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier announced earlier this month that, at ... [ read more ]

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A good advertisement for homeopathy

01 February 2011 at 16:19

HOMEOPATHY FIRST AID COURSE The School of Homeopathy and The School of Health, Uffculme, Devon, EX15 3DR. ( ; ) Home Study ... [ read more ]

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Healing with homeopathy

01 January 2011 at 12:08

Did you know homeopathy is a system of natural health care that has been in worldwide use for over 200 years? It is recognised by the World Health Organisation as the second largest therapeutic ... [ read more ]

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