Nutrition in the Kitchen

The School of Health has partnered with the Natural Cookery School to bring you inspiring nutrition and cookery classes. Learn how to make beautiful healthy food for yourself and your clients.


Natural Cookery School


Join Mary Sharma and Erin Baker for a day of Nutrition in the Kitchen at Natural Cookery School. Our cookery and nutrition workshops are based on Eastern nutrition and naturopathic philosophy. 

The events begin with a nutrition session with Mary Sharma. She teaches a from a naturopathic understanding, plus drawing on eastern nutrition and the energetics of food. Then Erin Baker will lead you to the kitchen for a hands-on practical session that puts these principles into practice using local, seasonal and foraged foods that are vital to our bodies. Each event has a specific topic that is linked into the teaching and cookery. The recipes will be ones that you can enjoy yourself as well as pass on to your clients and patients.  

Recipes are gluten free, refined sugar free and plant-based vegan. Sample Recipes:

−    Flax, sesame and sunflower crackers
−    Fermented cashew cheese
−    Green Jade soup with nettles and water cress
−    Sprouted aduki falafels
−    Tahini sauce with wild garlic  
−    Quinoa tabbouleh
−    Rainbow slaw with toasted seeds. 
−    Green avocado shakshuka with kale
−    Chickpea pancakes
−    Cacao and peanut power brownies (raw)

Classes are a combination of hands-on and demonstration, with plenty of added tips and knife skills. You will work by yourself (unless you are coming with someone) in the teaching kitchen, creating the recipes and tasting along the way. You will enjoy a shared meal during the class. Students are provided with an apron to use for the event and recipe packs to take home. No washing up is required as we have someone on hand to take care of that.

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