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A positive mention for homeopathy in bone cancer treatment

27 September 2011 at 16:19

A positive mention below for homeopathy in alternative treatments to bone cancer. Yahoo Associated Content has this article telling patients to go to a conventional doctor first and then to look into alternative medicine, and mentions homeopathy as part of alternative remedies to alleviate some of the pain of chemotherapy (and side issues of cancer).

Alternative Bone Cancer Treatment: Save Money on Healthcare Costs
Yahoo Associated Content/ Family Finances
Christine Cadena, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Sep 23, 2011
In today's economy, more and more families are looking for ways to save money on aggressive healthcare costs, including the costs for cancer treatment. If you are living with a budget conscious lifestyle, it is important to consider alternative bone cancer treatment as a way to slow the progression of disease while saving money on healthcare costs.
Bone cancer, typically, requires aggressive conservative care to include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and even bone marrow transplant. But, in addition to these traditional medical treatments, many bone cancer patients also benefit from budget-friendly alternative bone cancer treatments. While these treatments are not used, solely, as a cure for bone cancer, they can serve a supportive role to traditional medical care.
When meeting with your oncologist regarding your bone cancer health issues, it is important to ask about the options for alternative health remedies, including alternative bone cancer treatment to reduce bone marrow complications, alternative remedies to mitigate side effects of chemotherapy, and even alternative bone cancer treatment to boost the health of the bones. Typically, a physical therapist and homeopathic specialists can provide insight into the options for alternative treatments.
Like many forms of alternative medicine, it is important to speak with your doctor, first, before starting any form of treatment that involves your bone cancer. Just as if you were treating a complication with the Achilles tendinitis, it is important to find a specialist in alternative medicine and then to ask that your primary doctor work with this health practitioner to provide a more comprehensive form of healthcare.
Many families are struggling to manage the cost of healthcare expenses with an overwhelming number of adults in need of traditional medical care for bone cancer but unable to afford such treatment. These individuals often will need alternative medical treatment to balance the financial toll that this form of cancer can have. If you are living with a diagnosis of bone cancer, be sure to ask about the alternative treatment options made available to you.
Sources: The Management of Metastatic Bone

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