Supervisor Transfer

Supervisor Transfer

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Homeopathy Supervision Supervsior Registration

This product is for homeopathy students to transfer from one supervsior to another.

Please contact the School for the Supervisor Transfer Form if you do not already have a copy.

We recommend where possible you stay with the same supervisor for the whole of your supervision if possible. If things do break down, then sometimes reconciliation can be a valuable learning moment where you grow as a person and homeopath. Please use the CORBS guidelines for communication as set out in Handbook 3.

However, we appreciate this is not always possible, or there may be other reasons for the transfer. In these instances, you can move supervisor. You will need to let your current supervisor know.

Please note:

  • You may be asked to complete an initial review with your current supervisor to help bring things to a close with them before you transfer. The initial review can also serve a good introductory document for your new supervisor.
  • Your current and new supervisor should also have a quick call or Zoom to discuss the handover.
  • Once you move the previous supervisor will no longer be able to assist you with cases, all cases started with them will need to be completed by the new supervisor. They will no longer be able to access the Supervision module for your cases in the Online Learning System.
  • You cannot move supervisors more than once.

Any question please ask.