Nutritional therapist bridging unit

Nutritional therapist bridging unit

Nutritional therapist bridging unit

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Nutrition Bridging Course


Who is this for?
The Bridging Course for Nutritional Therapists (equivalent Level 5) can be taken by students who have graduated from the 4-Unit Nutritional Therapist Course (prior to 2019) and wish to continue with their studies to NNA recognition (Units 9-12). The course will ‘bridge across’ from Unit 5 to 8. Some students may wish to stay where they are (FNTP Accredited), others may wish to train to the highest possible level for their Nutritional Therapist Practice, and others may need this as a stepping stone to the NNA or other higher qualifications, such as Naturopath or to Advanced Nutrition.

Course details:
Diploma Course: equivalent to Level 5
1 Unit Bridging module (6 sections): ‘Unit 5-8'
Time: 6 months (estimated time you may need)
Enrolment period: 12 months
Study method: blended learning through Online-learning/Correspondence

Accredited by: FNTP

The Bridging Course contains over 220 pages of new nutritional content, 10 assignments and 4 cases from the 8 Unit Nutritional Therapist Course which was launched in 2019 - plus lots of new movie lectures. 

This course has been created from the new curriculum for the Update for the Nutritional Therapist Course from 4 Units to 8 Units in early 2019. We have tried to keep the material simple by only providing you with the new content, new assignments and new cases. However, for some of the assignments you may find you need to read back through content from your original Nutritional Therapist Course.

Course Content:
1: Diet & Data

2: Allergies

3: Mineral & Vitamin Supplementation

4: Laboratory Testing

5: Case Studies

6: Setting Up in Practice docs

Please note: 
You will need to post back your original Nutritional Therapist Diploma (Level 4) certificate back to us before we despatch the new certificate.

You are already studying the P&D course so that is great, and do keep that going.

What you will receive:
Bridging Course for Nutritional Therapist Unit

Nutritional Therapist Diploma (Level 5) certificate upon completion