Webinar - Katja Behrens - Students

Webinar - Katja Behrens - Students


This webinar product is for SOH students

Katja Behrens
August 23rd 2017
10:30 am UK time for 60/70 mins

This session will be about exploring the homeopathic vision of mental health problems in patients, understanding the patient and his/her remedy state and methods of case taking.
You will learn how to improve your approach in case taking for mental health illness through a case and step by step analysis.

You will get the opportunity to investigate the latest way of finding the closest match through Doctor Sankaran's methodology of Synergy: using system, genius and symptom.

We will explore the 7 levels in homeopathy according to Sankaran, do a thorough analysis of the case taking process and how the patient might express his "other song" and find the sensations, rubrics and the place in the system of homeopathy where the similimum lies. We will not just explore the sensation and miasm of the case but also try to identify the position of the remedy in the system and compare plant and mineral tables for a thorough understanding of the genius of the remedy.

Anyone can join the webinar, you simply log on from home - all you need is your computer and a reasonable internet connection. The online software is simple to use and you will be sent full instructions a few days before the webinar starts. You will be able to see and hear the teacher and view the slide presentation and you can interact by typing questions. Webinars are a great way to learn from the comfort of your home and engage with teachers.

We hope to see you there!