Recorded Mental Health, Diving Deeper Katja Behrens

Recorded Mental Health, Diving Deeper Katja Behrens

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This Webinar was recorded in January 2018. You are purchasing a copy of this webinar to download and view. It comes with the original recording, presentation (when available) and transcript.

In this webinar we will deepen our understanding of how to use homeopathy in mental health cases.

We will study a case exploring the Periodic Table and how its structure can help us to understand remedies for mental health and anxiety disorders. The case study will lead us to investigate related rows and columns of the Table and discuss how to differentiate it from plant and animal remedies with similar issues.

We will look at the evolution of humanity and how it is displayed in the systems of homeopathy. In this way we can learn to see where the patient got stuck in disease and how to match this with an appropriate remedy.