Sarah Hanratty Nutrition TutorSarah Hanratty

After struggling with severe anxiety and mood issues early on in life Sarah found a solution in personalised nutrition. She studied with Lawrence Plaskett and then continued her training with the University of West London. She graduated in early 2011 with a BSc in Nutritional Medicine.

Sarah specialises in improving depression, anxiety and mental health issues through personalised nutrition programmes. She focuses heavily on the link between gut health and mental and physical wellbeing. She was one of the first Certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome practitioners in the UK.

Since helping her son with autism overcome social and anxiety issues with nutrition, Sarah began working extensively with children.  She has helped improve the lives of children with autism, tics, anxiety, inflammatory bowel disease and learning issues.

Studying nutrition has changed Sarah’s life and those of her children. She is passionate about helping people understand the power of nutrition.



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