Sarah Beck

Sarah Beck

Sarah was born in Worcestershire, United Kingdom in 1967. As a teenager Sarah began to study yogic philosophy and following grammar school Sarah went on to study Anthropology at University, exploring the varied and sometimes contradictory beliefs of many societies. Upon leaving university Sarah traveled widely spending long periods in India, much of it in different Ashrams, within which though by no means exclusively, Sarah mainly studied within the Sivananda tradition. Eventually, returning to the United Kingdom Sarah continued to study and practice Yoga, though now in the Desikachar tradition, a very different type of yoga than the Sivananda tradition, thus broadening her experience. Several years later Sarah’s yoga teacher suggested Sarah train to be a yoga teacher herself, Sarah went on to become a qualified yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga, the governing body for yoga in the U.K. At this time, as suggested by her tutor, Sarah also began to work with Iyengar Yoga, yet another very different type of yoga, and so continued to broaden her understanding of yoga.

For a number of years Sarah continued to study and practice yoga at the same time teaching classes to different groups on a weekly basis. Unlike most yoga teachers, who must apply, Sarah was invited by the British Wheel of Yoga to become a Teacher Trainer herself. Sarah spent two years training as a Diploma Course Tutor. Sarah has now run three, three year long diploma courses, and is currently running a fourth. Though Sarah continues to teach regular classes to the public, Sarah finds teaching diploma courses a particular pleasure. Sarah also runs workshops, open both to advanced students and yoga teachers alike, and for many years Sarah has tutored at National Teachers Training Weeks for The British Wheel of Yoga.

Sarah’s other passion is Ayurveda, the traditional medical tradition of India, where yoga is used as a therapeutic tool. Sarah has been training for over seven years having been fortunate enough to receive training from two of the world’s most revered authorities on Ayurveda, Dr David Frawley and Vaidya Atreya Smith. More recently Sarah undertook an Ayurvedic internship at a clinic in Pune, India. Sarah has a practice in the U.K. where she works as an Ayurveda Educator. Sarah says she thanks Ayurveda and her teachers, for helping her to gain a much deeper understanding of subtle energies and the therapeutic application of yoga. She is currently studying for a Master of Arts in The Body: Eastern & Western Perspectives.

Sarah would like to convey her great pleasure in being able to present this course through the medium of The School of Health.

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