Patsy Bracewell

Patsy Bracewell

I was very pleased to be asked to be a tutor for the anatomy and physiology course in 2002. This work uses my theoretical knowledge of the human body, gleaned from working as a health professional for many years, and also an holistic approach to medicine that is needed to support students on the course.

I started nurse training back in 1974, and I worked as a nurse and midwife, until I began training as a homeopath in 1989. I was introduced to homeopathy by friends living in France, when searching for natural treatments for my eldest daughter’s eczema. Our children’s health and happiness has been greatly enhanced by the natural, holistic upbringing they have received - they are very healthy, cheerful and creative, a living advertisement for homeopathy.

After doing an evening class I studied on the school of homeopathy correspondence course. After qualifying in 1993, I couldn’t wait to get practising, working from home and also in a centre for vulnerably housed adults.

In my work as a tutor I really enjoy communicating with students from all over the world. I am very impressed with the hard work and commitment shown by the students, and it is good to keep up with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology that has greatly expanded since my days as a student nurse.

Our tutors are always on hand if you have any questions during your study