Justine EvansJustine Evans

Justine received her B.Sc Nut Med in 2009 from West London University after beginning her training with the Plaskett College of Nutritional Medicine. Justine has a long history of working within the CAM industry; she opened her practice in 1997 after training in bodywork – massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and healing. Since 2009 Justine has registered as a Naturopath and has also trained in Spagyric Medicine, homotoxicology and gained a qualification to teach adult education. Justine’s approach is very naturopathic - integrating Eastern wisdom with Western science. She refers to herself as a Hormone Alchemist and Fertility Expert due to her passion for fertility and hormonal health, a subject she has been specialising in since 2009. In addition to her hormonal expertise Justine teaches meditation and offers inspirational lectures and workshops.




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