Jude Wills-HuntJude Wills

Jude discovered Homoeopathy in 1983 due to ill health and a reluctance to `just take the pills`.The minute someone mentioned the word to her, she felt it resonate and knew she would be studying it even before knowing what it was. The philosophy is mind blowing and as Judes health improved I began studying at the College of Homoeopathy in London in 84. Jude transferred to the full time course in Glasgow in 85 and followed this by studying with Sheilagh Creasy and joining the Darlington collective leading to two years studying with Dynamis in the late 80's.

Jude became a tutor for the school in 89 and has been joyfully sharing the passion and the journey with students from round the world ever since. I have had the huge privilege of teaching some seminars in US and Canada and meeting the people I have been working with.  One of the gifts her patients have given her is that of leading Jude into deepening a study of the spiritual dimension of health and life. In order to be of more service she trained and was ordained as an Interfaith/Peace Minister in 2002. This has underpinned all the philosophy of homoeopathy and equipped Jude with more tools to support the homoeopathic process.

Homoeopathy continues to inspire and stretch Jude in so many ways, it is a life long study and she is honoured to have found this and have the opportunity to share it.

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